Do's and Don'ts for First Date Activities

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Figuring out what to do on a first date can be challenging, but it can also be very fun to plan. The first thing to remember is not to panic. Take the pressure off. Everyone gets nervous on a first date, so relax and enjoy it.

Ideas for What to Do on a First Date

First dates are both exciting and terrifying to many people. Generally, this is a person you don't know well. In fact, you may have just met her. This means that you don't necessarily know what kinds of things she enjoys doing. That's okay! There are a variety of things that almost anyone will enjoy doing on a fun first date. Check out these first date tips.

  • Go to dinner. If you are really at a loss for what to do, going to dinner is a simple way to get to know one another in a neutral place. Choose a brightly lit restaurant that you've visited before. It's also a good idea to stay away from ethnic foods that your date may not enjoy. Save those types of choices for a second or third date.
  • Go for a walk. Another great way to get to know someone is to go for a walk in a public place, such as a pier, a park, or at a local tourist attraction, such as a lake. This generally won't cost anything and will allow you to talk and figure out what things you have in common.
  • Have coffee. Coffee dates are another inexpensive, but fun thing to do when you are still trying to get to know someone. If you choose an earlier time for the coffee date, this can always turn into something else, such as dinner or a movie.
  • Go to a local festival. Local events are often relatively inexpensive and provide an opportunity for you and your date to do something active. Walk around, eat some cotton candy, and learn things about each other.

What Not to Do

When trying to figure out what to do on a first date, it's helpful to know what you shouldn't do. While every date and every couple will differ, there are a few things that many people agree are not good first date material.

  • Movies - While going to see a popular movie can work if it's only part of a date accompanied by dinner or coffee, it isn't a good idea to make that your entire first date. This is because there is really not much of a chance to talk or get to know one another during a movie.
  • Cooking dinner for your date - While a romantic dinner is considered to be a bonus in later dates and in relationships, cooking on a first date is not only daunting, but it can also be disastrous. Cooking for a new person can be stressful and that's not the kind of energy you want to bring to a first date. Likewise, it can be unsafe to invite someone new to your home so soon.
  • Expensive or elaborate dates - While it's understandable that you would want to impress your date, it is generally not a good idea to plan something expensive or elaborate. The date may not work out and then you are out the money. Also, the expense may make your date uncomfortable or give them the wrong impression of you.

Just Ask

Though trying to choose what to do on a first date can be difficult, it can also be a great opportunity for you to get creative. If all else fails, simply ask your date what he or she would enjoy doing. This also shows her that you care about her feelings.

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