Fun Winter Date Ideas

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Don't let the winter blues put a damper on your love life. Whether you're surrounded by snow or just feeling a few degrees colder, fun winter date ideas keep you warm with that special someone.

Exciting Indoor Winter Date Ideas

Indoor dates can be fun and cheap because you can host them in your own home or at an inexpensive public place. Light and fun dates inside are perfect for couples at any relationship stage and can help you get through the dreary winter months.

1. Host a Home Winter Film Festival

If you've made it to the affectionate phase, snuggle up on the couch for your own winter-themed film festival in your living room. Invite your date to choose five movie award categories such as Best Actor or Best Fight Sequence while you do the same. Queue up a selection of winter-themed movies on Netflix or another movie streaming service. Both of you can dress to the nines in your best winter outfits, sip hot drinks and munch popcorn snowball snacks as you watch all the movies then choose your winners for each award show category.

2. Talk Beneath the Stars at an Observatory

Even if the skies are cloudy and the temperature is chilly, you can still enjoy staring at the stars together when you visit an observatory. If you don't have an observatory nearby, set up your own indoor night sky by replicating what the winter sky looks like in your area using glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars on the ceiling. Spread out a blanket and talk about life as you gaze into the universe or each other's eyes.

3. Stay the Night in an Ice Hotel

Couples who are in a romantic relationship can embrace winter and spice up their love life with a unique hotel experience. Book a night in an ice hotel, igloo, or similar structure if you can find one close by. If not, the next best thing is a winterized cabin in the woods. The remote and frozen experience can bring you physically and emotionally closer as you survive one night together in this unusual circumstance.

4. Enjoy Indoor Versions of Kids' Snow Sports

Remember when you were a kid and you used to have snowball fights? Capture the fun spirit of childhood with a date that turns outdoor fun into an indoor sport. For example, have an indoor snowball fight using stuffed white socks. This light-hearted date shows off your fun side early in a relationship.

5. Have a Cold Foods Floor Picnic

Don't shy away from the cold of winter, embrace it! Prepare a picnic on the floor that includes only cold and frozen foods and drinks. Serve up some sushi and tomato gazpacho while you sip smoothies or milkshakes. Floor picnics are always playful and intimate so you'll have the chance to get to know each other in a low pressure environment.

6. Play Broom Curling Together

If you've got an open, hard floor like you'd typically see in the kitchen or dining room, you can play broom curling. You can also rent out a local gymnasium if you'd rather take the date to a public place. Create the bullseye pattern at one end of your floor rink using painter's tape. Use a roller skate or other small item on wheels as your stone. Take turns throwing your "stone" while your date uses a broom to help it reach its destination. If you can manage to stop laughing long enough, you'll realize what a fun memory you're creating.

7. Create Your Own Escape Room

Gather different types of puzzles from standard fit-together puzzles to word puzzles and puzzle boxes. Set a time limit and select a few puzzles to conquer together at a coffee shop. If you solve all the puzzles before time runs out, you get to escape to dinner. If not, you'll have to keep trying until you solve them which gives you more time to spend alone.

8. Learn a Winter Craft

Think about what products are crafted in your area in the winter and schedule a private tour or lesson. Whether it's collecting maple syrup in late winter, gathering frozen grapes to make ice wine, or turning a harvest of winter squash into bird houses, these unique winter crafts can be fun to explore. Learning something new together on a date is a great way to find out more about each other and make a lasting memory together.

couple eat Maple taffy on a sunny day

9. Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Whether you've just met or you've been together for years, making ugly Christmas sweaters is funny and memorable. You'll both get the chance to bring out your silly sides as you choose sweaters from a thrift store then grab decorative elements from a craft store. Find a public place such as a library if you don't want to use your home to gather your supplies and help each other create the most ridiculous Christmas sweater possible.

10. Compete in a Two-Player Video Game

You can set this date up at home on any video game system. Since it's light-hearted, it's great for singles who have already been on a couple dates together. Look for games that appeal to your dates interests and have two-player options. For most of these games you'll need to communicate and work as a team so it's a great way to bond.

11. Host Your Own Private Mug Paint and Sip

Grab some Sharpie markers and plain white mugs to create your own custom mug designs as you sip on hot adult beverages like Hot Toddies. As you talk and craft, you'll each create a mug for the other person. To set the designs, you'll need to bake them in an oven for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Once the mugs have cooled, transfer your drinks to them and keep the conversation flowing.

Senior Couple Painting Earthenware

12. Do Karaoke With Only Holiday Songs

Use a home karaoke system or look for a karaoke app so you can sing at home. Challenge your date to small competitions like singing the funniest Christmas song or sounding the most like Mariah Carey as you belt out her Christmas tune. The only rules here are to sing only Christmas or winter songs and to have fun.

13. Buy Gifts Online for a Child in Need

Before the date, grab the name and information of a child in need from an angel tree. Sit with your date anywhere there's WiFi and shop online together for his or her Christmas presents. Whether you know each other well or not, this kind of giving date brings you together for a greater cause.

14. Celebrate New Year's With Every Continent

If you're looking for a marathon date, try celebrating New Year's with every continent in real time. Look up the time difference between you and one city on every continent then map out what time you'll celebrate each in your time zone. Make sure you've got drinks on hand to toast each time and plenty of New Year's activities to keep you busy from one continent to the next. If you can't spend the whole time together, agree to video chat for each New Year's celebration for a virtual toast.

Adventurous Outdoor Winter Date Ideas

Outdoor winter dates are often unique and fun because they embrace those things you can only do from December to February. From creative date ideas to romantic evening dates, getting together outside in the colder months can be just as great as dates during any other season.

1. Wear Outrageous Winter Outfits

It seems like in movies and TV shows, people are always wearing crazy outfits in the winter like giant parkas and fur hats as they hit the ski chalet. Expose your quirky side and agree to dress in cliche winter attire as you head out for drinks at a ski chalet at a nearby ski resort. You'll feel closer to each other because you'll likely be the only two wearing such wacky attire. Don't forget to capture the memory with some great posed photos.

2. Try Ice Fishing

If you both enjoy the great outdoors, give ice fishing a try. See if you can find a professional to show you the ropes and let you borrow their gear. Keeping warm and entertained presents a challenge for you to conquer together. Whatever you catch you can cook for dinner later.

3. Build a Snow Castle in a Public Park

Snowmen are for children, but snow castles are definitely an adult activity. Grab some snow brick molds and head to a public park where you can work together to create a beautiful snow castle. Add a cute flag with both of your initials to make it more personal. Come back the next day and take pictures of other people enjoying the snow castle to send to your date.

4. Relax in an Outdoor Hot Tub

Stay warm and enjoy the outdoors on an intimate winter date in an outdoor hot tub. Whether it's your own private hot tub or one at a ski resort or club, you'll still get that romantic feeling. The simple act of feeling out of the ordinary can be exciting for you both.

Woman and man relaxing in hot tub

5. Take a Polar Plunge

Polar plunges are popular activities where people jump into frigid waters for a good cause. Team up with your date and wear matching costumes as you jump into cold water. These events typically raise money for a charitable cause and require pre-registration. Doing the plunge together helps you see how well you can work together as a team.

6. Grill Game for a Wild Dinner

Game animals like deer and moose are known for their ability to survive in harsh winter weather. Pull out the grill and cook up a winter mountain meal of fresh game and other foraged foods you might find during the winter months. Bundle up and eat in your winter coats outside for the full experience of living like a mountain man.

7. Go for a Winter Ride

Choose any winter transportation option such as a dog-sled, snowmobile, or sleigh and take a ride together. Look for options that allow you to sit together so you have the chance to experience the thrill as a couple.

8. Bundle Up at a Theme Park

In warmer climates, the slightly cooler winter temperatures can drive the crowds away. Take advantage of these few months and bundle up as you enjoy a day at your local amusement park.

9. Cook Dinner in the Fireplace

Sitting in front of a fireplace is arguably the most romantic thing you can do in cold weather. Capture the romance with a homemade dinner cooked entirely on the fire. Look for campfire recipes that are unique to really wow your date.

10. Visit a Museum During After Dark Hours

Many museums, aquariums, and even zoos offer special after dark hours or events just for adults. Explore the wonders of these amazing places without the distraction of wild kids running around. The nighttime hours give you the same relaxed feeling you want on a first date with a hint of romance since it's dark.

11. Go on a Signs of Winter Scavenger Hunt

Grab some pens, paper, and clipboards as you head out on a walk around town or hike through the woods. Before you head out, work together to create a list of the common signs of winter in your area. Make a friendly wager like who pays for the next date and see who finds all the items on the list first.

12. Try Out a Winter Olympic Sport

Look for Olympic training centers or specialty sports complexes where you can try out a winter Olympic sport. Anything from ice skating to bobsledding is fair game. The more unique the sport, the more exciting the date will be. Try to choose a sport you can do together so it's more of a tandem experience.

Winter fun on bobsled

13. Snowshoe to a Remote Cabin

Grab some snow shoes or cross-country skis, a backpack full of supplies, and trek out to a remote winter cabin. The physical activity will get your blood pumping, but be slow-going enough that you get the chance to talk as you move. When you finally arrive at the cabin, you'll get to enjoy some quiet relaxation.

14. Clear Out the Neighborhood

If there's snow on the ground you can work together to dig out the neighborhood. While it may seem like a lot of work for a date, in can be fun when you're doing good together. Shovel off public sidewalks or look for driveways that obviously haven't been cleared yet. Take some breaks to have fun throwing snow at each other or sipping a warm drink.

Warm Your Winter With Fun Dates

You don't have to love winter weather to love winter dates. During this colder time of year you can take the opportunity to get closer to your partner with warm, intimate dates and cool adventurous ones. Whether it's your first date or your scheduled weekly date night with your spouse, winter dates are a fun way to make dates memorable.

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