Fun Activities to Help You Get to Know Each Other

Published February 21, 2019
Couple having a picnic

Doing fun activities together is a great way to get to know your partner or someone you just started dating. Pick a few activities that you think you'll both enjoy and have a great time learning about each other.

The Importance of Shared Interests

Spending time together gives you both an opportunity to figure out if you're a good match for each other.

Explore Hiking Trails

If you both enjoy spending time outdoors, going for a hike can be a great way to take in the sights, explore some new trails, and chat with each other. Doing an outdoor activity takes the pressure off of maintaining a conversation if you're on the shy side.

Ice Skating

Heading to a skating rink can be a fun way to show your silly side and enjoy lots of hand-holding as you skate around together. You'll also learn how your partner handles clumsy moments, and how they recover.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great way to establish trust in each other and see how well you communicate. If you're a little nervous about heights, trying this activity can inform you how well your partner comforts you and supports you during times of stress.

Go Kayaking

Rent some kayaks and spend some time together on the water. This is another great activity if you're a bit shy or your partner is as you won't be seated directly across from them. You can get to know each other in a less intense setting while enjoying some time outside.

Explore a Library

Find out what type of literature interests your partner and head to the library. You can bring some hot cocoa, snuggle up, and read a few chapters of a book together.

Cooking Class

If you both share a culinary interest or are looking to improve your cooking skills together, checking out a local cooking class can be a great date. Cooking together is a relaxed way to get to know each other and increase your meal-making skills. You can even use your newfound skills for your next date and cook a romantic dinner together.

Picnic at the Park

Head to a pretty park and enjoy a picnic together. You can even bring some speakers and play music or listen to a podcast while enjoying some people watching. You can also shop for yummy goodies beforehand and find out more about your partner's favorite foods. After the picnic, you can take a walk around the park and enjoy each other's company.

Go Bowling

Bowling is a casual and relatively inexpensive activity that can teach you a lot about your partner's level of competitiveness. Bowling also offers a great opportunity to get to know someone while doing something fun.

Head to the Zoo

young couple at the zoo

If you're both animal lovers, there's no better place than the zoo. Walk around, chat, and get to know which animals your partner likes and why. Typically people are drawn to animals that have traits that remind them of some aspects of themselves. Exploring this with your partner can be fun and offer you insight into their personality.

Check Out a Local Museum

Museums can be fun to explore with your partner. Together you can learn about different exhibits and discuss which pieces and artists interest you the most.

Go Stargazing

Stargazing is a romantic and inexpensive way to get to know each other. Pack some warm drinks and desserts and enjoy spending time together under the beautiful night sky.

Getting to Know Each Other

Whatever type of activity you decide to do, enjoy spending time getting to know each other. Experiment with different settings and notice which ones you and your partner feel the most comfortable in.

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Fun Activities to Help You Get to Know Each Other