12 Romantic Flowers That Beautifully Represent Love

Man giving romantic flowers to wife

Romantic flowers tell the story of the romantic and passionate love. From true love to forbidden love, flowers have been the messengers of lovers for as long as there have been lovers.

Romantic Flowers for All Occasions

Romantic flowers may not mean the same thing for everyone. When you explore the meanings assigned to flowers over centuries, you can better select the perfect one to convey your heartfelt message.

1. Roses

Roses are the premium romantic flower that represents love. A red rose speaks of passionate love when words fail a lover. In olden days, when marriages were arranged by families, but hearts couldn't be bridled, roses were used to express the lovers' forbidden love. Today, lovers send red roses on Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, and special days that only the lovers share. You can explore the many colors of roses and their meanings to find the perfect color to send to your true love.

Colorful roses

2. Peonies

The dreamy, full ruffled layers of delicate petals of peonies are a symbol of romantic love. This flower has a long history that is woven into Greek mythology of various people being turned into peonies. It is believed that the flower was named for the healing god Paeon, who was sent on a mission by Apollo's mother. However, his jealous teacher attempted to kill him, but Paeon was saved by Zeus, who turned him into a peony flower. The peony in modern times is a beautiful flower used to express deep love and devotion.

Bouquet of pink peonies

3. Ranunculus

The magical appearance of the circles of tissue thin petals seems never-ending. A bouquet of ranunculus flowers is a great tribute from a lover who is truly bedazzled. There are countless colors to choose for this bouquet, so finding your lover's favorite color shouldn't be a problem.

Pink ranunculus

4. Gardenias

If a perfumed bouquet is your ideal flower, then the soft white gardenia is the flower you want to present to your beloved. A gardenia is a historical flower expression of pure love. A bouquet of gardenias is a powerful display of delicate aromatic blossoms.

White Gardenias

5. Tulips

Typically, there's only one tulip per bulb, making each flower unique and one-of-a-kind. This is the bouquet you want to send to the lover who is truly one-of-a-kind. If you feel like your love is unique and perfect, then this elegant flower is the one you have to send to your lover.

Bouquet of tulips

6. Orchid

Anyone can give roses, but when a lover gives you an orchid, you know they put a great deal of thought into this choice. An orchid is a sophisticated flower of love. It is the epitome of a luxury flower, and it is also a very exotic flower. You don't need words to understand the message behind this lover's floral gift.

Beautiful Orchid

7. Gerbera Daisies

A gerbera daisy is the symbol of innocent purity and rare beauty. This love flower sends a message of joy and happiness with the brilliant, vibrant colors found in these flowers. You can send your lover a bouquet of gerbera daisies as a message of the joy her/his love gives you.

Gerbera Daisies

8. Purple Asters

Purple asters are truly stunning. If your love adores purple, this is the flower bouquet to send. The flower is the name for the Greek word star. It is a symbol for all the good things romantic love is, faithful, wise, and loving. If your lover is the star of your life, this is the best bouquet she/he will appreciate.

Purple Aster amellus

9. Red Chrysanthemum

If you want a red flower for Valentine's Day, but your lover doesn't like roses (it's possible). Then the red chrysanthemum is the stunning replacement you've been searching for. This lush flower has depth and beauty. Traditionally, a symbol of deep passionate love, your lover will appreciate the message behind this bouquet.

Red chrysanthemum flower with yellow core

10. Carnation

Carnations are sweet fluffy flowers that capture the imagination of youth and new love. If you're sending a bouquet to someone you admire and feel grateful to have them in your life, then pink carnations will send the message. If you have fallen in love and your passion for your lover is growing, then red carnations will convey that message easily.

Pink carnation flowers

11. Violet, Delicate Flowers of Love

If you want to send an adorable bouquet that states you are dedicated and faithful to your lover, then you definitely need to send violets. These dainty flowers have long been the symbol of love. Their purple color makes the statement that your lover is like a queen to you and you are her loyal admirer.

Violet flowers

12. Hydrangea

From its popular days of the 1920s, to current time, the hydrangea is a prized voluminous delicate flower. This blossom represents love and a dedication to family. If you and your lover are planning to have a family, this is the only flower you want to send as an affirmation of your commitment and hope for your future family life together!

Hydrangea Flowers

A Guide of Romantic Flowers

You can use a guide of 12 romantic flowers to understand what each one represents. You are sure to find the flower that best expresses your love to your beloved.

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12 Romantic Flowers That Beautifully Represent Love