28 Creative Valentine's Gifts Perfect for Men

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Show your boyfriend or husband how special he is with a Valentine's gift perfect for the man in your life. Some manly Valentine's Day gifts are great for any guy like a best friend, brother, or dad, while others are more specific to romantic relationships. Either way, giving presents guys want for Valentine's Day can make your holiday more successful and memorable.

Romantic Valentine's Gifts for Him

Romantic gifts for men can include sentimental places or words, but should still make your guy feel masculine. From romantic homemade Valentine's Day gifts to romantic experiences together, look for ways to be privately sappy.

His Favorite Places Photo Collage

Make a photo collage of his favorite places by adding pics of his hunting spot, local bar, and other places to a picture frame that holds three or more photographs. Look for a masculine photo frame that matches his home decor. You could even pose in each photo so it features one of his favorite places and one of his favorite people.

His Favorite Eateries Progressive Dinner

Take him on a progressive dinner at all his favorite restaurants. Hit one place for appetizers, one for dinner, one for dessert, and one for after-dinner drinks to show you know what he likes. If possible, you could even work with the restaurants to make reservations for specific times and order his favorite items in advance.

A Year of Dates

Show off your desire to be romantic more often with a "Year of Dates" gift that includes gift certificates and directions for a date night each month for the next 12 months. Ideas for date night gifts include:

  • Redbox movie codes with popcorn for his choice movie night
  • PlayStation gift card and a cool new controller for a his choice 2-player gaming night
  • Box of golf balls and tees with a gift certificate for 9 holes for two people
  • Free printable romantic games for an intimate game night

Custom Gift of the Month Club

Make your own "gift of the month club" by curating a box themed around something he really loves with the promise of a new box each month for the next three, six, or twelve months. Ideas for themes include:

Couple opening box at home
  • His favorite sport or sports teams - You could do a different sport each month if he likes different ones.
  • His favorite flavors - Find everything honey roasted one month and everything white chocolate another.
  • Books - Choose a different topic he's interested in each month and send a book or two.
  • Magazine subscription - Get an annual subscription to his favorite magazine and get it from the mail before he sees it each month to add items related to the cover stories to his box.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Husband

The best gift ideas for guys, especially your husband, are things he wants or needs, but won't buy for himself. Whether it's your first Valentine's gift for your husband or you've been married 30 years, he'll always appreciate something personal.

Large Metal Tool Box

If your guy likes to tinker around the house or with the car, he could use a great tool box. Look for a large, metal tool box with lots of drawers, a tray on top, and wheels so he can make the most of this gift. While it's not super romantic, a bright red tool box fits with the Valentine's Day vibe and he'll think of you every time he grabs a wrench.

A Trip From His Bucket List

Every guy has that one place they wish they could visit like Wrigley Field or Pebble Beach. Plan a trip for the two of you to one of these places as your Valentine's Day gift. Nothing says love like taking the time to plan and enjoy time together, saving money for the trip, and making it all about fulfilling his wish.

A Man Cave

Whether he wants a sports-themed room or a place to play pool and enjoy some beers with the guys, creating a space dedicated to your husband will make him feel special. Choose a room in the house or your garage if you don't use it for cars and spend time secretly converting it to his man cave.

Man fixing mancave sign on wooden door

Sports Channel Subscription

Whether he likes racing, baseball, boxing, fishing, or any other sport, you can probably find a streaming service subscription for it. Look for a unique streaming service that hones in on his favorite thing to watch, then add the app to all his electronics so he can watch anytime, anywhere.

Cute Things to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentine's Day

Cute gift ideas for a boyfriend include things that are not cheesy, but send a loving message. From your first Valentine's Day with your boyfriend to seasoned relationship, boyfriend gifts range from generic to sentimental.

Punny Coordinating Shirts

From the classic "I'm with stupid" and arrow shirts to more modern options that celebrate your togetherness, punny t-shirts are cute and not too serious. Look for a shirt design and message that he'll think is funny, then be a good sport and wear the matching one.

Personalized Stick Figure Story

You can buy a blank hardcover book and make your own cute love story featuring stick figure versions of each of you. Think about those classic Dick & Jane kids books with basic images and a short sentence on each page. Draw out your love story, funny inside jokes between the two of you, or the story of your first Valentine's Day. The cute, yet masculine look of black stick figures and text on a white book is perfect for even the manliest of men. You could even start this as a holiday tradition where you end up creating a whole series of stick figure books for him.

Private Social Media Relationship Page

Create a private page or group on a social media site like Facebook where the two of you are the only members. Before you add him as a member, create the page and give your group a cute name like "Jen Hearts Jon." Upload pictures of the two of you and add in daily posts gushing about your guy for at least a week leading up to the holiday. On Valentine's Day, invite your guy to the group page. From there, you can both use the page to share fun relationship stuff.

A Cool Small Pet

You should only buy a pet for your boyfriend if you know for certain he wants one, but if you do know that, a small pet can be a fun gift. If your guy always talks about how cool it would be to have a snake, spider, lizard, or other small pet, go ahead and buy him one. Make sure you get all the accessories he needs to get through the first week or so. Not only will the gift feel thoughtful and fun, but he'll think of you every time he interacts with the little pet.

Man holding a pet lizard

Valentine's Day Gift Sets for Him

Gift sets made for guys are great for Valentine's Day because they often feature multiple gifts in one. Buy or make a gift set that focuses on one area of interest for him and stock it with unique items.

  • Get a grilling set complete with grilling tools, a personalized apron, and custom spice blends that incorporate his favorite flavors.
  • A beard grooming kit is perfect for the guy who likes to take special care of his facial hair.
  • Put together a themed food basket featuring things from the town of his favorite team.
  • Buy a nice pool cue and chalk set in a case.
  • Buy or make a liquor or beer set with the proper glasses for that drink.
  • Get a fragrance set from his favorite designer.

Creative Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Get creative this Valentine's Day and make or curate creative boyfriend gifts that might include things like DIY photo gifts or cool, original experiences. The fact that you took so much time to make this gift for him is what will make the gift truly meaningful.

Personalized Sports Experience

If budget isn't a concern, you might be able to rent out his favorite sports venue for an hour or a day and give him an individual sports experience like no other. You can go more low-key and just have a picnic or throw the ball around together on the field. If you're budget is huge, you might even be able to pay for an appearance by a player.

Brewmaster for a Day

Check with local breweries to see if you can put together a Brewmaster for the Day experience for you and your man. If he's a beer lover, he'll love the chance to use all the equipment and spend the day drinking beer. Make sure you buy him a 6-pack of whatever beer he makes at the end of the day.

Two men at a brewing inspecting a beer

Photo Initials

Make or purchase wooden or cardboard blocks in the shape of letters. You can do just his initials or both of your initials. This altered letter craft is easy as you just need to decoupage pictures of you and your man onto each of the letters. He can set these out as decorations that show off your relationship in a masculine way.

Beer or Wine Label Message Set

Head out to a liquor store, wine shop, beer store, or specialty drink store to find a huge selection of either bottled or canned beers or wines, whichever drink your guy likes most. Look for beverage names on the labels that you could place side-by-side to create a cute message when read altogether. You can line the bottles or cans in a row in some type of trough, either metal or wood, such as a narrow planter or ice bucket. Think of this as the mature version of those fun DIY posters that have a message that includes candy bar labels in the text.

The Perfect Gift for Your Perfect Man

Whether your man prefers traditional Valentine's Day gifts or unique presents, you can always find a great Valentine's gift for the special guy in your life. Use generally masculine things as inspiration, but make sure any gift you choose has a personal tie to him.

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