Gallery of 14 Valentine's Gifts Perfect for Men

Making Him Smile on Valentine's Day

Make that special man in your life smile on Valentine's Day by giving him a thoughtful gift. Whether you're creative and do something out of the ordinary, or go with something more traditional, he'll be sure to notice your thoughtfulness.

Playing the Game of Love

Sports accessories are a favorite for the enthusiastic fans. With the logo of their team on a blanket, a coffee mug, or just a t-shirt, it makes their team and your thoughtfulness that much more special.

Love in the Great Outdoors

Flowers may not be the thing for your man, but if he likes the outdoors then a small card or picture of his favorite hunting, fishing, or camping spot lets him know you know what he likes.

The Way to a Man's Heart

Chocolates are a common gift for women on Valentine's Day, but a Valentine's gift for your man should reflect his masculinity. Try a steak dinner or a selection of gourmet beef jerky, rare BBQ or hot sauce, and serve them with his favorite beverage.

Accessorize His Affection

Jewelry is something that men wear too, though they may call it something like cuff links, tie tacks, or even a wristwatch. Whatever it is, giving it to him on Valentine's Day can make him feel special all year long.

Fashionable Apparel

Speaking of tie tacks, don't think that ties are limited to Father's Day. A high-quality shirt and silk tie can be a thoughtful and romantic surprise.

Intimate Apparel

If you want to be a bit more suggestive with your Valentine's gift, you can get him a set of silk boxer shorts or pajamas. Depending on the mood you want to set, these can be funny or just downright sexy.

Valentine's Movie Night

It's entirely possible to find a movie for your man that both qualifies as a "guy flick" and as being romantic. Movies such as Last of the Mohicans, Bull Durham, or The Bodyguard are examples of movies that combine both high action with a love story.

Flirty Valentine's Games

Depending on your relationship, it might be appropriate to give him a book of printable love coupons or a sexy game to use either on Valentine's Day or later in the year.

Adventure Outing

One way to make Valentine's Day unforgettable is to give him an adventure. Do something completely unexpected, like hot air ballooning or touring a brewery. Choose something you know he'd like to try but never seems to have the time. If you can give him that experience, it will be better than any card or box of chocolates.

Romantic Dessert for Two

Does he have a sweet tooth? Create a Valentine's Day dessert just for him. It can be as simple as adding heart-shaped sweets to brownies or creating a heart-shaped cheesecake.

Kiss and Remember

A unique idea might be to create a kissing picture of your own lips and frame it. This is an easy-to-create gift because you put on your favorite lipstick (or better yet, the one he loves on you), and then kiss a paper so that the lip marks are distinct. Cover it with a thin piece of cellophane and scan it into your computer. Blow up the photo to an 8 1/2 x 11 and frame. This can be a fun gift for a boyfriend or spouse, especially if he is far away!

Attend a Special Event Together

Time together is a great Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend. Try to get tickets to a concert, sporting event or other spectator type event that he will enjoy. Taking him to a game or concert, even if it's not necessarily your cup of tea can tell him just how much you care because you are going to be with him.

Learn His Favorite Hobby

Does he love to play tennis? Go climbing? Consider taking some lessons or asking him to teach you (if it's something you both feel comfortable with) so you can share his passion together. Men love to feel appreciated and they love it even more when you take the time to learn something just to spend it with them.

Giving From Your Heart to His

Remember that the best Valentine's gifts for men or women are the ones that focus on what they want, not what you want to give them. Give your gift out of a genuine desire to show your love and you can't go wrong, no matter what it is.

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Gallery of 14 Valentine's Gifts Perfect for Men