7 Creative Valentine's Day Activities

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Whether you're part of a couple or single, you may be looking for Valentine's Day ideas. Who needs the stereotypical candlelit Italian dinner with wine, fancy clothes, and a two-hour wait, or pajama day with a tub of ice cream and maybe a few "woe is me, I'm so alone" tears? Celebrate Valentine's Day in a completely new way.

If You're Part of a Couple

Activites for couples abound on Valentine's Day. This year, try something different together and create some fun memories.

Do Something Laidback

This one may work best for the ladies planning the Valentine's Day date. Some guys may worry that throwing the idea of going somewhere very casual (like a sports bar) will make them look unromantic and a little less like Prince Charming. A girl who suggests going out for wings and beer instead of a fancy dinner might just score major points in her boyfriend's book for being so casual about possibly one of the most stressful holidays for men. If he really feels a little guilty for taking you up on your idea, you could always look for a place hosting karaoke for the night and dare him to croon a love song in your honor. Bonus: Little to no wait time, no stress over reservations weeks ahead of time, and the place may actually be deserted enough to allow you to talk rather than just gaze into each other's eyes, not just lovingly, but because you can't hear each other over the crowd and clinking dishes.

Make a Collage

If you're low on cash but you have a lot of ticket stubs and pictures, making a collage of all your favorite times together will be a romantic gift your significant other can cherish forever. If you're blessed with the ability to write poetry, you may want to add that in the middle or off to one side of your creation. If you don't have the way with words that you wish you did, you can always choose song lyrics of a song that stands out for you as a couple ("your" song) or just a song that sums up the way you feel about your Valentine's date.

Scavenger Hunt

Depending on where you live and how much time you have, you can put notes around your town, neighborhood, or just your house. Write something that you love about your partner, followed by a riddle about where to find the next note. Eventually, your significant other will find you-perhaps with a gift in hand, or maybe at a nice dinner or picnic in a quiet spot where you can really catch up with one another without distractions.

Give a Trophy

Is your significant other so amazing that he deserves a trophy? Why not have one made with a personalized engraved plate with what you love so much about him. It could be as general as "World's Best Boyfriend" to "Sexiest Emergency Mechanic."

If You're Single

You don't have to boycott this romantic holiday just because you're single! Celebrate the day doing something that will make you feel special all by yourself.

Community Work

Set aside the day to show how much you love others in your community. Pick up some volunteer work in a shelter or a church, or ask about dropping off flowers with people who live in nursing home and may be feeling forgotten on Valentine's Day. If your schedule won't synch up with volunteer opportunities, make a donation to the American Heart Association or any other cause that's special to you.

Call a Friend or Family Member

You may have single friends or lonely family members who would love a phone call. Tell them how much they mean to you. Sometimes it's hard to open up on a normal day, so take Valentine's Day as a chance to get as mushy as you'd like and let them know just how much they're appreciated. If you're more eloquent when it comes to written words and tend to freeze up when it's time to talk about your feelings, go ahead and buy a Valentine's Day card or two.

Pamper Yourself

What better day to slow down and acknowledge that you're an amazing person and you deserve the best out of life? Book a spa day. If time or finances won't allow the works, choose one service that would mean the most to you. If you really take pride in your hair, go in for a trim, color, and blow out. If makeup's your thing, schedule a makeover. Make the day about treating yourself like a princess.

Spread the Love

Whether you celebrate as a couple, solo, or with friends and family, this is a holiday that can be fun for everyone. Spend Valentine's Day spreading the love to all the important people in your life.

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