9 Sure Ways to Spice Up Christian Relationships

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If you are looking for ways to spice up a Christian relationship while dating, this is easy to do with a little creativity and planning.

The Perks of a Christian Relationship

Just because you're in a Christian relationship doesn't mean you can't have a spicy relationship. In fact, you can create an even deeper relationship that evolves without the complications of getting too close too soon. Many Christians choose to save sex until marriage due to religious and moral beliefs. This can be hard, but it also sets the stage for greater intimacy in the long run.

How to Spice Up a Christian Relationship

When you've been dating for a long time, the sparks can start to cool off. It's easy to become too comfortable and even feel like you are just friends.

Things You Can Do

  • Get an adrenaline rush: Riding carnival rides, going to concerts, or participating in exciting sports together creates an adrenaline rush. Sharing these kinds of activities can create strong emotional reactions, which could even help you fall in love faster.
  • Get out of a dating rut: Going to new places with your date could help get you both out of a dating rut. Even just spicing up where you go for dinner and trying something new like sushi or ethnic food adds a new element to your relationship.
  • Initiate flirting and playful talk: Couples who flirt a lot, communicate, and appreciate each other will continue to fall more deeply in love. Do things like smile, make eye contact, and use cute nicknames for each other.
  • Learn to dance: Taking a dance class together can do amazing things to your relationship. You can learn swing dancing, salsa, or ballroom, and then practice any time you have the urge. There are many dance clubs that offer open dancing on weekends, so that you can continue to build your skills. This activity builds trust and intimacy, plus it's fun.
  • Reverse roles: Christian guys are traditionally in the role of planning dates and asking girls out, but it can also be fun when roles are reversed. If you are a girl who usually lets your boyfriend decide how you'll spend an evening together, turn it around and take the lead. You can surprise him by planning an entire date.
  • Go on group dates: Group dates are one of the best ways to spice up a relationship because you're not just spending time alone together doing the same old thing, you're interacting with other loving couples and having new experiences.
  • Get professional photos taken: Surprising your boyfriend with cute and classy photos of yourself can heat up a relationship.
  • Dress up: Start changing how you look on the outside and you'll feel better inside. This can then spice up your relationship just because of how you're feeling about yourself. Try wearing dresses just because you feel like it, doing your hair differently, and spending more time pampering yourself.
  • Spend an evening together reading aloud: Reading any types of books together creates a greater sense of intimacy, including the Bible, novels, inspirational books, poetry and even your own writing or personal journal entries.

It Takes Work

In the long run, spicing up your relationship serves as a reminder that it takes work to keep that spark lit. The good news is if you do these things before marriage, you're setting yourself up to fall more and more in love even after you're married.

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