8 Amazing Ideas for Romantic Surprises

Champagne Surprise


Bubbly champagne is the drink for lovers. Offer your lover a bottle of champagne and two fluted glasses. You can also place the champagne and glasses in a private place, like your boudoir or in a cozy spot on a bench under some trees. Champagne is a sweet, bubbly treat for two people to share on any occasion.

Special Dinner


Prepare a special dinner for a romantic night in. Set up a candlelit table and pour some wine before your dinner date. Romantic dining is a nice way to show you care.



If you really want to give her a surprise, set up a fireworks show in her honor. Sparkling and explosive, fireworks are perfect for a romantic background. Ask a friend to help you or hire a fireworks team to help you "sky write" your feelings.

Pop the Question


This idea is the ultimate in romantic surprises! Take a chance on love and ask her to marry you. Don't forget to have the ring handy when asking.

Cuddly Pets


If your sweetheart has been eyeballing the "doggy in the window" then give her what she really wants--a cuddly pet. Small dogs and kittens are popular romantic gifts. However, you should never give animals to someone if you are unsure if she is a pet person. Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility.



Take your loved one out of town for a spontaneous trip. A fun weekend at the beach or in a secluded cabin makes a romantic event you won't soon forget. Slip the tickets in her jacket or hide the itinerary under her pillow.

Acts of Service


Sometimes the most sincere surprise comes from an act of service. She'll be shocked to see a new flower garden in her yard or that home project finally finished. Women can provide acts of service too by performing a handyman job or having his car cleaned. The nicest gifts are from a giving heart.

A New Car


It's a pricey idea but it makes one serious surprise! Buy him a new car for a birthday, an anniversary or just because. Dream cars like convertibles are especially effective gifts. This dating gift idea will be one he will remember.

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8 Amazing Ideas for Romantic Surprises