75+ Funny Anniversary Quotes Guaranteed to Get a Smile

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Funny anniversary quotes offer you plenty of choices. Choose to give your spouse a chuckle or two this anniversary with a funny quote about your relationship.

Funny Anniversary Quotes With Personal Digs

Getting in a few personal digs with your anniversary quote should be all in good fun. You don't want to take anything said in jest about your relationship as serious.

  1. Baby, I was sure we wouldn't make it another year, but you kept coming back.
  2. Darling, your nagging this past year proved to me that you're ready for the pros.
  3. Baby, you've grown so much this last year and honed your nagging skills to perfection.
  4. Last year was difficult, and I sure hope you won't make this next one as bad.
  5. Things were rocky last year, but we found level ground.
  6. Happy Anniversary, my darling. I want you to know this is my most favorite marriage!
  7. Baby, last year we overloaded our walking trackers, I think it's time we buy a car.
  8. I would climb mountains, trek through forests, and swim oceans for you, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd just take my word for it.
  9. Baby, this past year, things kept coming at me from left and right, but I'm confident you'll keep your promise to stop throwing things at me.
  10. Baby, I know I forget to tell you how much I appreciate all the things you do, but I can always count on you being there to remind me.
    Funny anniversary quotes with personal digs
  11. Darling, you're the best husband I've ever had!
  12. I know you miss our home, and I'm so sorry I didn't get home from work that night until after midnight, but it still perplexes me how my clothes just spontaneously combusted in the closet.
  13. Happy First Anniversary, baby, we made it! We showed everyone we could last a year. Now what?
  14. Happy Anniversary, my love, I can't believe you've managed to put up with me for another year!
  15. Happy Anniversary, baby, one more year together. Every morning I'm surprised, ah… I mean grateful, that you're still here.
  16. Happy Anniversary, darling, I still admire your determination to change me.
  17. Honey, you said you wanted this anniversary to rock, so I bought us a pair of rocking chairs.
  18. Happy Anniversary, my love, There's no one else I'd rather diet with.
  19. Happy Anniversary, darling. I still want you, and I still don't know why.
  20. Happy Anniversary, I love you so much I'd lay down my life for you. Well, maybe not my life, but I would lie down.
  21. Another year together, my love, and I'm amazed that you know no bounds. You just run over everything in your path.
  22. This anniversary, I wanted to offer my sympathies for having to put up with me all year.
  23. High five, baby, another exciting and adventurous year together. I can't believe we're still alive to celebrate.
  24. Here's to our anniversary, may our anniversary celebration be half as great as the one you posted on Facebook.
  25. Happy Anniversary, my love, Here's hoping that tomorrow's Twitter comment about my gift shows you liked it!
Funny anniversary quotes with personal digs

Happy Anniversary Funny Quotes With Sarcasm

When you love someone, it's fun to add a little sarcasm to your anniversary quote. Sometimes, the sentiment might be too close for comfort.

  1. Baby, last anniversary when you told me that you wanted to change, I thought you meant your outfit, but I love our new lives together.
  2. Happy Anniversary, my love, I'll always be by your side. Someone has to keep you out of trouble!
  3. This anniversary, I want you to know I'll follow you wherever you go, thanks to the GPS tracker on your phone.
  4. Happy Anniversary, baby, until I married you, I had no idea there were so many rules about how to put things in the cabinet and refrigerator or fold clothes.
  5. Happy Anniversary, my love, you've taught me so much. I had no idea I was so ignorant.
  6. Happy Anniversary, darling, you know how to make me happy, I just wish you did so more often.
  7. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart, you know how to sweep me off my feet. If only you knew how to sweep the floor.
  8. Happy Anniversary, honey, you've taught me over the years that there are always two ways to do things, my way and the right way.
  9. Happy Anniversary, my love. Your uncle took bets on us staying together and here we are another year. We defeated his odds. I wish I'd bet on us.
  10. Baby, we're going to celebrate this anniversary since I actually remembered it.
    Happy anniversary funny quotes with sarcasm
  11. Happy anniversary, darling, Robert Browning wrote, 'Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.' Hmm… still waiting.
  12. Happy Anniversary, sweetie. To clarify, when you said you'd spend your life showing me how much you love me, was that another one of your jokes that I didn't get?
  13. This anniversary, I want you to know you are my reason for getting up in the morning. Who else is going to cook breakfast?
  14. Happy Anniversary, baby. If you could see yourself through my eyes, you probably wouldn't be wearing that outfit.
  15. On our first anniversary, it's important to focus on the memories we've made together, well, maybe not the one where the car caught on fire, or the tornado destroyed our house or … on second thought, let's focus on the new memories we're going to create.
  16. One year ago, we were married, and two became one. That might explain all the weight I gained.
  17. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart, I worry our bond might not last if we ever quit working together at the glue factory.
  18. Happy Anniversary, darling, guess we didn't realize how long the whole death do us part thing would turn out to be.
  19. Happy Anniversary, baby, I love you, but I can't really say why.
  20. Honey, I'm sure my remembering our anniversary has shown you I can still surprise you!
  21. Sweetheart, Happy Anniversary wishes from someone you thought never would remember.
  22. Happy Anniversary, honey. God is still laughing over how he put us together.
  23. Happy Anniversary, sugar, from the one who is in deep with you. The proof is in our credit card debt, mortgage, car payments, and utility bills.
  24. Happy Anniversary, darling, We've had a few problems, but like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that gets squashed by an apple in the lunchbox, we've stuck together.
  25. Happy Anniversary, my love. I never knew being married meant I'd have someone to pick out my clothes each day, tell me how to wear my hair and give me driving instructions.
Happy anniversary funny quotes with sarcasm

Funny Anniversary Quotes for Couples

If you know a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary, surprise them with a funny quote. You never want to insult anyone, so be sure you know the couple's brand of humor when choosing the perfect quote.

  1. The two of you should celebrate, you made it another year without killing each other!
  2. They say a couple eventually starts to look like each other. If you both become bald and grow beards, I'm going to worry.
  3. The two of you should celebrate that you've survived each other for another year!
  4. Happy Anniversary to the couple I was sure would be in jail by now.
  5. Happy Anniversary. The secret to a happy marriage is to keep falling in love. Just make sure it's always with each other.
  6. Happy Anniversary. Just imagine if the two of you hadn't swiped right!
  7. Happy Anniversary. A little advice is to never make fun of each other's choices since you chose each other.
  8. Happy Anniversary. The two of you were truly made for each other like two sleeves in a jacket.
  9. Happy Anniversary. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear the two of you were zombies only interested in each other's brains.
  10. Happy Anniversary. If the two of you were socks, you be a matching pair.
    Funny anniversary quotes for couples
  11. Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple who knows how to make a marriage work when they are so incompatible.
  12. To the anniversary couple, may your lives be filled with the same kind of love you can only have when you aren't married.
  13. Have a wonderful anniversary, yours is a classic love story minus the star-crossed lovers' ending.
  14. Congratulations to making it to your first anniversary. It is proof the wedding did its thing.
  15. Happy Anniversary to a couple who were like two ships passing in the night, only you crashed into each other.
  16. Happy Anniversary to a couple who would always reject a do-over, regardless how enticing it might be.
  17. Happy Anniversary! Each of you told me that the other was the one when, in truth, I knew you were the only one for each other.
  18. To the anniversary couple, support each other's dreams, just make sure none end up being nightmares!
  19. Happy Anniversary! I know you tell people you fell in love with your best friend, but ahem… you call me your best friend. How does that work?
  20. Happy Anniversary. I still find it so cute that you think each other's flaws are adorable.
  21. To the happy anniversary couple, hoping you avoid another year of mistakes, pain, and apologies.
  22. Happy Anniversary! Everything you do in a marriage is about compromise, but what if you don't do anything?
  23. Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple. I'm impressed by how well you've tolerated each other.
  24. This anniversary, the two of you should focus on how you were incomplete until you got married. Does that mean you're both finished?
  25. Anniversaries are the celebration of a two people still determined to be together despite their differences.
Funny anniversary quotes for couples

Using Funny Anniversary Quotes to Celebrate

When you choose one or more funny anniversary quotes, you're guaranteed to get a smile. Select a funny anniversary quote that best fit your mate and wait for that grin.

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75+ Funny Anniversary Quotes Guaranteed to Get a Smile