50+ Loving Anniversary Quotes for Him

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Anniversary quotes for him offer you several choices when it comes to expressing your heart-felt loving sentiment. An anniversary quote chosen just for him should reflect your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Anniversary Quotes for Him From the Heart

You can add an anniversary quote to your greeting card for greater depth of emotion. He's sure to smile when he reads just how much you love him.

  1. You are the only man for me!
  2. No other can make my heart flutter like you.
  3. Time stands still when I'm in your arms.
  4. I love you more than life itself!
  5. When I think of you, my heart still flip flops.
  6. Life with you has been an exciting adventure. I can't wait to see what comes next.
  7. I thank god every day that I'm yours and you're mine.
  8. Together we make magic happen every day.
  9. You are my best friend, my lover, and my dream come true.
  10. I had no idea I could love someone as much as I love you.
  11. I shall love you for all eternity.
  12. I'm so lucky you are my husband and best friend.
  13. With you, life is brilliant, happy, exciting, and full of love.
  14. Darling, you're the man of my dreams. I never want to wake up.
Anniversary quote for him from the heart

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Him

You can wish him happy anniversary with a loving quote. When you speak from the heart, your man will never doubt your love.

  1. Happy Anniversary, my beloved, you are my ultimate wish come true.
  2. Happy Anniversary to my sexy husband, you still take my breath away.
  3. Happy Anniversary to the man who steals my heart every day.
  4. Happy Anniversary to my one and only true love. You still make my heart skip a beat every time I see you.
  5. Happy Anniversary, darling. When I'm with you, each today is wonderful, and each tomorrow is even more amazing.
  6. Happy Anniversary to the wonderful man I'm so fortunate to call husband.
  7. Happy Anniversary to the man I continue to admire, cherish, and love.
  8. Happy Anniversary, honey, you are an amazing lover like no other.
  9. Happy Anniversary, darling. After all these years, you still know how to make an entrance and sweep me off my feet.
  10. Happy Anniversary, baby. Eternity would never be long enough to be together.
  11. Baby, our anniversary is like every day since we've been together - magical.
  12. On this anniversary, darling, I want you to know that you still thrill me and make my world burn brighter.
  13. An anniversary marks our time together, but it doesn't show how much my love for you continues to grow every day.
  14. Anniversaries remind me why I married you and why I stay with you - Love!
happy anniversary quote for him

6 Month Anniversary Quotes for Him

A 6-month anniversary is a milestone in a new relationship. It is something most couples choose to celebrate, and a quote for him is the ideal sentiment.

  1. Happy 6-month anniversary to the man who never does anything halfway.
  2. Baby, you're the only man I want to celebrate a 6-month anniversary with and look forward to turning it into a one-year anniversary.
  3. A 6-month anniversary means one thing: I love you more and more each passing day.
  4. A 6-month anniversary means a night on the town and a lifetime loving you.
  5. Happy 6-month anniversary, darling. We made it to that half-way point of true love.
  6. A six-month anniversary means we're riding the crest of love to that one year mark.
  7. Happy anniversary and thank you, darling, for a great 6-months. Looking forward to a lifetime of anniversaries.
  8. Darling, I want a lifetime of 6-month anniversaries with you.
  9. Happy 6-month anniversary to a man who knows how to make each day count!
  10. Happy 6-month anniversary, this marks the countdown to our one-year anniversary!
  11. We made it to the 6-month anniversary. There's no turning back now.
  12. Happy 6-month anniversary, baby. If time is fluid like a river, then I want to keep whitewater rafting with you.
  13. Baby, the past 6 months have been awesome and spectacular. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings to us!
6 months anniversary quote for him

One Year Anniversary Quotes for Him

Your first year anniversary together is very special. Celebrate it with a loving anniversary quote just for him.

  1. Happy one-year anniversary, darling! It seems only yesterday that we met, yet it feels as though I've known you forever.
  2. One year together and you're still the man who makes me blush, giggle, smile, and catch my breath.
  3. Happy Anniversary, baby! It's only been one-year, and I feel as though we've been together always.
  4. Husband, here's to our one-year anniversary and many more years spent loving you!
  5. One-year is just the first chapter of our amazing love story, darling.
  6. I can't believe it's been one year since we spoke our vows, or that it was possible to love you more than the day we were married.
  7. A one-year anniversary is special, honey, and you make it extra-special by all the little things you do each day that say, "I love you."
  8. One whole year has passed and we're still loving each other. I truly love us!
  9. We've been together for one year and life gets better every passing second I spend with you.
  10. My one-year anniversary wish for us is a lifetime of anniversaries together.
one year anniversary quotes for him

Choosing the Perfect Anniversary Quote for Him

With 50+ quotes for him about your anniversary, you can select one that will let him know how special he is to you. Anniversary quotes for him should always focus on your life together. You might even want to consider some funny anniversary quotes for you husband.

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50+ Loving Anniversary Quotes for Him