What to Text After a First Date (to Land Another)

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Knowing what to text after a first date can help you assess if a second date is possible. If you want to land another date, you need to know when and what to text after that first date.

When to Text After First Date

Most people will take the rest of the night to think about their date and not text until the next day. You need time to assess your experience with the other person and decide how you feel. If you don't text to check in that evening, you should text the next day.

Text Your Date the Following Afternoon or Evening

When you text, your date will take the opportunity to let you know if the date was enjoyable. This gives you valuable information on whether a second date is possible. If your date doesn't comment that they had a good time, then chances are a second date isn't in the cards for you.

What to Text After First Date

You can start your follow-up text with a statement about how you feel about your date. Let your date know you enjoyed their company, found them interesting, learned more about them, and had a great time being with them.

  • "Great night! I really enjoyed spending time with you."
  • "Last night was fun! I was impressed with your knowledge about the history of the city."
  • "Are you always so funny and entertaining?"
  • "Did you ever decide which dessert you really like best?"
  • "I keep humming the theme song to the movie."
  • "I keep looking at the photo we took of the sunset!"
  • "Did I tell you how much I enjoyed that play?"
  • "There's only one word for last night - spectacular!"
  • "There are football games, and then there's the one last night!"
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Segue Into a Conversation

Extended texting can quickly turn into an awkward situation if your date isn't interested. Keep your next day texts short and about some aspect about your date. This approach gives your date the opportunity to engage in a longer conversation. If the response is short and polite, chances are your date doesn't feel the way you did.

  • "Thought about that movie all day."
  • "Dinner was amazing. I'd love to have that recipe."
  • "I've had an earworm from the band's last song - all day long!"
  • "Best cheesecake I've ever had, and the special blend coffee made it a perfect combo!"
  • "That restaurant is now my most favorite one in the city."
  • "The food at the festival was top notch. I wish I could eat like that every day!"
  • "Fairs are my favorite fall outing. If I had my way, I could go to one every night."

Text After First Date - More Examples

A few other examples of a text you can send after your first date can be helpful. You can lead the conversation into making a second date. You may find something pertinent or that relates to your evening. Find creative casual ways to lead into making a second date. For example, if you went to a movie and you know a sequel is currently being made, you can use this as a segue to talk about and land another date.

  • "Hi. Last night was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed being with you and seeing [insert movie title] with you. Want to do a sequel date?"
  • "Hey, I had a really great time with you last night. I remember you said last night that you like [insert item, such as ice cream flavor]? How would you like a cone of [insert flavor] from the new ice cream shop over on Main? Meet me there tomorrow after school?
  • "Hi. You were such fun last night. I really enjoyed being with you. You said last night that you love dinosaurs. Saw this ad for an exhibit at the museum this weekend and thought of you. Want to go Saturday afternoon?"
  • "Hey, I had a great time last night. Want to catch another movie this weekend?"
  • "Hi! I had fun last night. Never laughed so much. Maybe we could have some more fun this weekend."
  • "Hey! Last night was great! I really like being with you. How do you feel about picnics? I'm thinking Saturday at the [insert park, beach, etc]. I'll bring the food; you bring the quilt."

Deciding What to Text After Your First Date

You have a limitless choice of texts you can send after your first date. The text you send after your first date offers you a segue to make a second date. And if you ever need to know how to cancel a date, find out how to do it without being needlessly rude.

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