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Tell-Tale Ways Guys Show Whether They Care

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Even though guys typically aren't as open as girls are about expressing their feelings, there are many ways guys show they care.

The Ways Guys Show They Care

In the beginning of a relationship, guys tend to show they care by trying to win your affections, but once you're together for a while, the ways guys show they care might change. For example, a guy might do a lot of things at first to show he cares, such as buying you flowers, paying extra attention to you, and making you feel special. Over time, if the caring is truly genuine, guys will continue to go the extra mile. You'll continue to notice the little things, such as the way he listens to you, respects you, keeps his word, and spends quality time with you.

He Gives to You

Giving isn't just about receiving gifts and monetary items. It's also not about giving just to receive something in return. A guy who is giving from his heart wants to please you and see you happy. This might mean that your guy spends time with you or does things that show he is thinking about you. Sincere giving should feel good and strengthen your relationship. Whether it's taking a trip together or staying at home to make you dinner, a guy who cares won't do those things for selfish reasons. Instead, he'll also be thinking of your best interests.

Here are more ways guys demonstrate they care:

  • He makes sure you are comfortable
  • He shows genuine interest in your life
  • He wants to be with you whether you're happy or sad
  • He writes you a passionate love letter
  • He wants to meet your friends and family
  • He treats you better than, or as good as, he does his friends
  • He is there for you in a crisis situation
  • He returns your calls or texts
  • He helps you fix something that is broken
  • He takes the time to teach you something new

Use Caution With These Guys

Some guys might also show they care by doing things like holding your hand or putting their arm around you. However, guys who are only interested in sex won't take things too far beyond the physical. These guys won't try as hard to get to know you. They might want to be friends with benefits or be with you while still dating other people. It's better not to put yourself into compromising situations but instead find a guy who truly likes you. Ideally, there should be an equal amount of give and take, so that neither person ends up feeling shorthanded.

Here are some things that might show you a guy doesn't care or care enough:

  • He does things that make you feel bad or not good enough
  • He doesn't seem to have your best interests at hand
  • He only wants to see you late at night or when it's convenient for him
  • He only calls or texts you when he wants something
  • He talks about himself a lot and never asks you any questions
  • He is unfaithful to you or refuses to be exclusive

Listen to Your Gut

The best indicator to know if a guy cares about you is to listen to your gut feeling. Deep down you should have some indication whether he really cares or not. Even though guys might get busy with work or school and not be as available, you should still feel secure in the relationship.

Tell-Tale Ways Guys Show Whether They Care