43 Witty & Original Pick Up Lines for Guys

Original Pick Up Lines for Guys

Skip the cheesy one-liners and try one of these real-world pick-up lines for guys. These openers will have you coming across as confident and cool instead of sleazy or dorky.

Try a Funny Pick-Up Line

Pick-up lines are great if they are funny without being creepy. Try a pun or a funny one-liner to get her attention. An icebreaker joke can also be good. Just be careful to avoid anything dirty or dumb. These witty options will make her smile:

  • "Can you believe the wifi in this place? We obviously have a great connection!"
  • "Good thing I like spicy. If you were salsa, you'd come with a warning label."
  • "Hi there! Do you have a couple of minutes for me to hit on you?"
  • "Do you happen to have a bandaid? I fell for you so hard I scraped by knee."
  • "I'm sorry. I was stunned by your beauty and completely forgot my pick-up line."

Break Out a Sweet Pick-Up Line

Pick-up lines can be sweet, especially when they show that special someone how attractive you think she (or he) is. Try one of these lines:

  • "How could I resist a smile like that?"
  • "Besides being the most beautiful girl (or guy) in this place, what do you do with your time?"
  • "I have to confess I've had a crush on you since I saw you five minutes ago."
  • "You just smiled at me, and it's like the sun came out on a cloudy day."
  • "This place has a beautiful view, but all I can see is your eyes."
Couple flirting on train

Pay a Compliment

You can start up a conversation by offering a great compliment. Everyone loves to be complimented, and the right compliment shows you're paying attention. If you follow it up with a question, it gives you a chance to start the conversation and ask for a date. Skip anything overtly sexual or related to a body part and try one of these pick-up lines instead:

  • "You look amazing in blue! Do you wear it a lot?"
  • "I love that you ordered a gin and tonic. That's my favorite drink. What gin did they use?"
  • "I couldn't help noticing the book you're reading. I loved that book! How far have you gotten?"
  • "I have to say, you have the best smile. What makes you happy?"
  • "This is the best conversation I've had in forever! Would you like to grab a drink sometime so we can talk some more?"
  • "I was walking by, and I noticed your gorgeous hair. You probably get that compliment a lot, don't you?"
  • "You seem so confident and smart. I'd just love the chance to talk to you a little more. Want to grab some coffee?"
  • "There's something about you. I'd love the chance to get to know you. How about a drink?"
  • "That is an amazing car! How fast have you driven it?"
  • "I just have to ask, what scent are you wearing? You smell amazing."

Make Them Want to Know More

A great story or mysterious first line on a dating app can open the door to an entire evening of interaction, or even a new relationship. The key is to start out with something exciting and interesting that will make the girl or guy of your dreams want to learn more. Try one of these:

  • "The craziest thing happened to me on my way here tonight, and I have to tell you about it. Want to grab a drink?"
  • "I have the funniest story to tell you about my friend over there. Do you mind if I sit down?"
  • "Are you free for a minute? I have the best story to tell you."
  • "Did you just order a martini? I have to tell you a story about the time my friend Adam tried to make one for me."
  • "Have you heard about the guy who started this bar back in the 20s?"

Show You're Paying Attention

You can also use a pickup line that shows you're paying attention. Most people will be flattered to know you've noticed them and taken the time to listen or look closely. Just avoid anything that indicates you've been watching for a long time or are getting close enough to be creepy. These are some great pick-up lines for guys to try:

  • "Did I hear you order the rainbow roll? That's so good here! What are your favorite sushi spots in town?"
  • "I noticed from your shirt that you went to Ohio State. I did to! Want to grab a drink and chat?"
  • "I saw in your profile that you love dogs. I'm a vet tech, and it's the best job ever. Would you like to walk our dogs together sometime?"
  • "I saw you looking around at the decor. Isn't it amazing? It reminds me of this scene in [instert movie or show]. Have you seen that?"
  • "I haven't read the book you're reading, but it's on my list. Want to go to a bookstore cafe sometime and talk about our favorites?"
  • "I noticed that your ringtone is from my favorite song! Have you seen that band in concert?"
  • "Your phone case is from one of my favorite paintings! Do you like art?"
  • "I absolutely love the bread here, don't you? Did you know I run a bakery?"
  • "I saw that you're passionate about animal rights. I am too! I'm volunteering at the shelter on Saturday. Do you want to come along?"
  • "Your bumper sticker says you're into my favorite band. I have tickets for Friday. Want to come?"
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Use a Cute Pick-Up Line

A cute pick-up line is a great way to get a smile and a date at the same time. Try one of these:

  • "Flirting with you is fun, but dating you would be even better."
  • "Are you free Saturday? Because I have you penciled in for the best date of your life."
  • "My friend said I was too much of a coward to get your number. Will you help me prove him wrong?"
  • "If you can guess what kind of food I like best, I'll take you out for dinner."
  • "Did you know I can read minds? Yes, I'll go out with you."
  • "What should I wear on Saturday for our date?"
  • "My friend thinks we'd make an adorable couple. Help me prove them right."

Start Planning Your First Date

Once that special someone says yes, it's time to think about what to do on a first date. If you have a plan, you can even mention it to your date to find out if it sounds like fun.

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