175+ Playful This or That Questions for Couples

Published April 20, 2020
Couple laughing playfully

Playful this or that questions can be a fun way for couples to spend time together. You might be surprised by some things you discover about each other!

This or That Questions on Transportation for Couples

Getting from one place to another usually requires some form of transportation. What is your preference for modes of transportation and how do they match up with your lover's choices? Would you have to travel separately because you don't agree or would one of you make the sacrifice? Find out!

  1. Travel by private jet or luxurious car?
  2. Motorcycle or bicycle for two?
  3. Surfboard or snowboard?
  4. Classic car or souped-up truck?
  5. New SUV or classic Volkswagen van?
  6. Bus or Amtrak?
  7. Hybrid car or electric car?
  8. Yellow cab or Uber?
  9. Mother ship or scout ship?
  10. Battleship or airplane carrier?
  11. Helicopter or prop plane?
  12. Hot air balloon or jet?
  13. Fishing boat or pontoon boat?
  14. Raft or canoe?
  15. Horse-drawn carriage or horseback?
  16. Elephant or camel?
  17. Rickshaw or Segway?
  18. Moped or scooter?
  19. Hover board or skateboard?
  20. Roller skates or rollerblades?
Two people white water rafting

This or That Questions About Toys for a Couple

Many couples have fond memories of their childhood toys. What about you and your partner? What toys do you still prefer?

  1. Soldiers or cowboys?
  1. Fly a kite or balloon?
  2. Operate a drone or remote helicopter?
  3. Buy a stuffed animal or toy robot?
  4. Use Play-Doh or Silly Putty?
  5. Electric train or remote-controlled race car?
  6. Telescope or microscope?
  7. Coloring pencils or crayons?
  8. Wagon or tractor?
  9. Bicycle or unicycle?
  10. Water gun or bubble gun?
  11. Paintball or laser tag?
  12. Rubik's cube or puzzle box?
  13. Fidget spinner or finger stretcher resistance bands?
  14. Pogo stick or stilts?
  15. Slime or water balloon?
  16. Launch a rocket or space shuttle?
  17. Classic Simon or Lite Brite?
  18. Classic Gyro Wheel or spinning top?
  19. Etch-A-Sketch or Spirograph?
Couple riding bicycle

This or That Questions About Weekend Activities for Couples

As a couple, you may be thinking about the weekend and what you'd like to do. Ask your beloved a few questions to get a better idea what she/he wouldn't want to do, then go for the one you think would be the most fun.

  1. Skiing in mountains or ice skating in a city park?
  2. Hiking in a forest or walking tour in the city?
  3. Shopping for antique dining table or new dining table?
  4. Local arts and crafts show or concert in the park?
  5. Canoeing down a river or sailing on a lake?
  6. Dinner on a paddlewheel steamboat or oceanside dinner?
  7. Open house tours or historic home tour?
  8. Museum visit for a dinosaur display or ancient Egyptian display?
  9. Paint and sip or portrait painting class?
  10. Trout cooking class or sea bass cooking class
  11. Scavenger hunt or dumpster diving?
  12. Skydiving or scuba diving?
  13. Water skiing or jet skiing?
  14. Amusement park or mining for gems?
  15. Dinner for two by the lake or from a mountain top?
  16. Yoga retreat or spa retreat?
  17. Ghost hunt or haunted tour?
  18. Civil war battlefield or Revolutionary war battlefield?
  19. National registry historic home or petroglyph site?
  20. Drive along Route 66 or Blue Ridge Parkway?
Skydiving Couple

This or That Questions for Couples Working Around the House

You can always find something to do around the house. The key to accomplishing it is whether you really want to do it. Is it just a dream or can the two of you make it a reality?

  1. Plant a backyard flower garden or lay out in the sun?
  2. Build a backyard patio or sit on the lawn sipping a margarita?
  3. Clean the swimming pool or lounge on a float in the pool?
  4. Stain the deck or lie in a hammock?
  5. Plant a vegetable garden or eat a tomato sandwich?
  6. Install new hardwood flooring or bathroom tile floor?
  7. Paint the guest bedroom or stencil a border?
  8. Wash windows or hang new curtains?
  9. Organize a closet or organize kitchen drawers?
  10. Polish silverware or your car?
  11. Install overhead fans or window air conditioner?
  12. Replace HVAC system or house electrical system?
  13. Redecorate living room or bedroom?
  14. Paint kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets?
  15. Create floral arrangement or dry flowers?
  16. Learn names of herbs or names of birds?
  17. Adopt a rescue cat or rescue dog?
  18. Order laying hens or buy organic eggs from a local farmer?
  19. Build a compost bin or an earthworm bed?
  20. Trim overgrown shrubbery or redo your yard's landscape?
couple carrying a crate of vegetables

This or That Questions About Entertaining for Couples

Couples have specific ideas on how to socialize with friends and family. Do the two of you prefer to be hosts, or do you prefer to be guests?

  1. Host a dinner party or attend a potluck dinner?
  2. Attend a birthday party or host an engagement party?
  3. Host a backyard barbecue or attend a pool party?
  4. Attend a cocktail party or host a wine tasting party?
  5. Host a progressive dinner or attend a seven-course dinner?
  6. Attend a family brunch or host a family holiday dinner?
  7. Host a wedding reception or attend a wedding anniversary party?
  8. Attend neighborhood fireworks or host a neighborhood block party?
  9. Host a cookie decorating party or attend a secret Santa party?
  10. Attend a restaurant opening or host a buffet dinner?
  11. Host movie night at home or attend a movie theater with friends?
  12. Attend a poker game or host a poker tournament?
  13. Host Christmas caroling or attend a karaoke contest?
  14. Attend a housewarming or host a welcome back party?
  15. Host a Halloween party or go trick-or-treating?
  16. Attend a dinner theater or host a family picnic?
  17. Host a raffle or attend a country pie baking contest?
  18. Attend a quilting bee or host a blanket drive for the homeless?
  19. Host a morning coffee break or attend a cheese tasting?
  20. Attend a beer brewery tour or host a pastry party?
family enjoying breakfast on outdoor patio

Games and Sports This or That Questions for Couples

There are several games and sports that couples can enjoy together. What kind of games and sports do the two of you enjoy playing or watching?

  1. Checkers or chess?
  2. Frisbee or baseball?
  3. Golf or bowling?
  4. Basketball or football?
  5. Badminton or tennis?
  6. Football or soccer?
  7. Rummy or Concentration card games?
  8. Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever?
  9. Monopoly or Clue?
  10. Crossword puzzles or jigsaw puzzles?
  11. Scrabble or Word Finder?
  12. Pictionary or charades?
  13. Trivial Pursuit or Name that Tune?
  14. The Price Is Right or Jeopardy?
  15. Uno or Poker?
  16. Role Playing Game (RPG) costume or Halloween costume?
  17. Video game or board game?
  18. I Spy or Twister?
  19. Tic-tac-toe or marbles?
  20. Jenga or Pick-Up-Sticks?
Couple playing tennis

TV Viewing Preferences for Couples

Unless you don't believe in watching television, chances are you have specific preferences for the types of show you watch. Do your likes and dislikes match up with your partners or do you fight over the remote?

  1. Disney+ or Netflix?
  1. Amazon Prime Video or Hulu?
  2. Bing watching series or stand-alone movies?
  3. Comedy or drama?
  4. Documentary or docudrama?
  5. Science fiction or mysteries of the world?
  6. Murder or adventure?
  7. Action or introspective?
  8. Sea exploration or space exploration?
  9. Astronomy or science?
  10. News or fake news?
  11. Investigative reporting or opinion editorials?
  12. Live TV or recorded programming?
  13. TV series or specials?
  14. Cop shows or forensics?
  15. Medical show or travel show?
  16. Food shows or DIY shows?
  17. Home décor shows or house hunting?
  18. Game hunting or sports?
  19. Reality shows or history series?
Couple watching television on sofa

This or That Questions for Couples With a Sweet Tooth

Everyone indulges in a few junk food favorites as well as pastries and desserts every now and then. A little treat can be a nice perk when you're working hard. So, what's your poison? These fun would you rather questions for couples might reveal more than you think.

  1. Corn chips or potato chips?
  2. Chocolate candy or cotton candy?
  3. French fires or onion rings?
  4. Sugar cookies or donuts?
  5. Gummy bears or sugary cereals?
  6. Ice cream or popcorn?
  7. Cake or pie?
  8. Brownies or chocolate chip cookies?
  9. Jellybeans or malt balls?
  10. Cinnamon buns or streusel coffee cake?
  11. Cannoli or cream horn?
  12. Kringle or Danish?
  13. Chocolate éclair or s'mores?
  14. Macarons or marzipan?
  15. Oatmeal pie or moon pie?
  16. Pack of peanut butter sandwich crackers or roasted peanuts?
  17. Cupcake or muffin?
  18. Peanut brittle or peppermint bark?
  19. Butter mints or mint patties?
  20. Chocolate-covered cherries or strawberries?
Couple sharing cake

What's for Dinner Questions for Couples

Eating the same foods isn't always possible since couples have different tastes. How do your taste buds matchup when it comes to entrees?

  1. Fried country steak or fried chicken?
  2. Sushi or baked trout?
  3. Roasted chicken or roasted turkey?
  4. Honey roasted ham or country ham?
  5. Pork chops or pork tenderloin?
  6. Beef stew or brisket?
  7. Chicken teriyaki or chicken tetrazzini?
  8. Veal Parmesan or eggplant Parmesan?
  9. Pizza or spaghetti?
  10. Beef tartare or grilled steak?
  11. Tofu and spinach lasagna or meaty lasagna?
  12. Rack of lamb or haggis?
  13. Chicken n' dumplings or pot stickers?
  14. General Tso's chicken or sesame seed chicken?
  15. Enchiladas or chicken quesadillas?
  16. Fried beef empanadas or braised spareribs?
  17. Tacos or tamales?
  18. Tofu bok choy Lo Mein or chicken Lo Mein?
  19. Bacon quiche or broccoli cheese quiche?
  20. Barbecue pork or sloppy joes?
couple eating pizza

175+ Playful This or That Questions to Entertain Couples

A few laughs and discoveries may be in store for couples when they answer this or that questions. Taking a little time out to relax and play a few games can be revitalizing. If you're ready for more fun, give some of these random questions for couples a try.

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175+ Playful This or That Questions for Couples