57 Broken Heart Quotes: Heal & Fuel the Positive

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Broken heart quotes are one way you can cope with the pain and loss. You can also use them to fuel positive changes.

Broken Heart Quotes

You must overcome the sadness that accompanies a broken heart before your heart can heal. A few quotes about that pain can offer you insight and a way through it.

  1. The pain of a broken heart strengthens your will and determination.
  2. Tears from a broken heart make you compassionate.
  3. The recipe for a broken heart is a large dose of comfort, love, and time.
  4. I never expected my heart would be broken when I gave it to you so easily.
  5. I'll slowly put my broken heart back together, one tiny piece at a time.
  6. Handle my heart with care; it breaks very easily.
  7. The best thing to heal a broken heart is time.
  8. A strong heart doesn't stop beating when it's broken.
  9. I now know that my heart should be stamped fragile, handle with care.
  10. Each heartbreak leaves behind a piece of the one who broke it.
  11. A broken heat even makes breathing painful.
  12. A heart is fragile and can break easily. That's why love should be treated as the precious gift it is.
  13. When your heart is broken, the world is too.
  14. I never thought my heart could break until it did.
  15. No one can prepare you for a broken heart any more than they can prepare you for falling in love.
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How Do You Deal With a Broken Heart Quotes

When your heart is broken, the pain you feel is just as real as any physical pain. A few quotes that offer positive ways to deal with a broken heart can lead to healing.

  1. A broken heart gives you a greater capacity to love.
  2. Don't shy away from love just because someone broke your heart.
  3. The crack in your heart first hurts, but as it mends, the crack reinforces the strength of your love.
  4. The breaks in your heart allow light to enter and reveal things you never knew were there.
  5. Cracks left when pieces of a broken heart are put back together are badges of your ability to love.
  6. It's astounding how many times one heart can be broken and you can still keep falling in love.
  7. Just as a broken bone mends stronger, so will your broken heart.
  8. Heartbroken, but not defeated.
  9. My heart wasn't just broken, it was ripped from my chest, and all I have left are millions of little pieces I'm trying to put back together.
  10. You may have broken my heart, but my soul picked it up and put it back together.
  11. You broke my heart because you are weak. I put it back together because I am strong.
  12. Beneath my façade of smiles and laughter, you can't see my broken heart or hear my soul telling me to stand tall.
  13. A broken heart always recognizes a fellow broken heart.
  14. My broken heart sobs, while my soul shouts, "Chin up," and I take one more step forward.
  15. We can swap broken heart stories, or together, we can mend our hearts.
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Broken Relationship Quotes

When a relationship is broken, you know hearts are also broken. Emotional pain can be just as debilitating as physical pain, but a broken relationship quote may offer some clarity about your situation and a path toward healing.

  1. You know your relationship is broken when you no longer trust your lover.
  2. A broken relationship leaves two broken hearts in its wake.
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  3. You can't walk away from a broken relationship without a broken or cracked heart.
  4. When you and your lover break up, your heart also breaks.
  5. Broken is the perfect word for a couple no longer together but trying to function separately.
  6. Healing a broken relationship begins by healing two broken hearts.
  7. A broken relationship only heals when the pieces of the two broken hearts are put back together.
  8. If you survive a broken relationship, your cracked heart will, too.
  9. Only make promises you can keep because a broken promise leads to a broken heart that can lead to a broken relationship.
  10. The domino effect of a broken relationship topples everything in its path that's littered with broken hearts.
  11. If you breakup with your lover then have a change of heart, don't be surprised to find the heart you broke has mended and found a better lover.
  12. When you breakup with a toxic person, your heart may break, but it will appreciate your strength and newfound freedom.
  13. A broken relationship affects everyone who loves the couple, resulting in more than two broken hearts.
  14. Some breakups can be stopped and broken hearts avoided when both people decide to be honest.
  15. All lovers should come with a warning label, "Fragile heart, easily breaks, handle with care."
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  16. When you breakup with a lover, the consequence is a broken heart.
  17. I didn't breakup with you because of something you said or did, but something you forgot, my heart.
  18. When you put the pieces of your broken heart back together, the result is cracks and spaces between them. That's so your heart can expand to accept a greater love.
  19. When you broke up with me, my heart broke, but you came back, and my heart sang. Then you left, and my heart broke again. When you came back a second time, the pieces of my heart came together and said no more.
  20. You said I didn't have a heart. When you broke up with me, my heart broke and I knew you lied.
  21. My heart broke when you broke your promises, but it healed 'cause I kept mine.
  22. You always said you knew what was in my heart, but now, I know you never did, or you wouldn't have broken it.
  23. I hope no one ever breaks your heart the way you did mine.
  24. If pain could kill you, the excoriating pain of a broken heart would be the number one killer.
  25. You walked out of my life and my heart tried to follow but broke. I had to find a way to put all those tiny pieces back together before I could walk into my new life.
  26. Breaking up with you was the best thing I ever did for my broken heart so it could finally heal.
  27. No one understands what a broken heart feels like until theirs is broken.

57 Broken Heart Quotes Can Provide Inspiration for Healing

When you read broken heart quotes, you may find solace in the words. You may even find hope that your heart will mend and you will love and be loved again.

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57 Broken Heart Quotes: Heal & Fuel the Positive