Valentines Day Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

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If you're a girl looking for some Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriend, don't look any further. Gifts for the special guy in your life can range from romantic to fun, and with a little thoughtfulness he'll love what you've given him.

What Brought You Together?

Some couples have a millions things in common, while others are complete opposites. What kinds of things make your bond special? Perhaps you share a love of sports or outdoor recreation. You might share a love of learning new things together and travel. Think about your connection and why it is so special and then get him a gift that reminds him of your shared interests or why you are together.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Boyfriend: Things He Will Treasure

Guys are just as sentimental as girls, even if they don't want to admit it. You can appeal to his sensitive side with a thoughtful gift. Here are some Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriend that he'll be sure to love:


Giving a photo or framed picture is a nice gift that guys will actually use. Think about your guy's personality and what suits him. Think masculine when it comes to frames, like dark colors or wood. Even just a picture of the two of you in a card is a nice gesture.

  • Give him a picture of the two of you smiling together or kissing.
  • Give him a poster or artwork of something he loves.
  • Frame a photograph of your favorite travel destination.
  • Surprise him by enlarging a photo he took and framing it.

Love Letters

Even though guys don't always express their feelings, this doesn't mean they don't want to get gushy sometimes. Do you have anything he has written that you especially treasure? You might also find a series of written correspondence between the two of you that you can give him as a reminder of your love together.

  • Print out romantic or funny emails or text messages you've sent to each other.
  • Give him a homemade book about your relationship.
  • Write him a love letter about why he's your man.

Mugs & T-shirts

On the lighter side, your guy might love a customized gift that reminds him of you. There are tons of places online where you can order coffee mugs or t-shirts with anything you want printed on them, as well as sweet, funny messages.

  • Check out Café Press for some Valentine ideas for boyfriend, including t-shirts, magnet, and mugs.
  • Vista Print lets you upload designs for t-shirts.


You really can't go wrong with giving your guy his favorite music. Imagine the stuff he likes to listen to in the car or on his headphones and share it with him. Decorate the CD by taking a Sharpie pen and writing something special on it.

  • Make a mixed CD with songs you can listen to together.
  • Record yourself leaving short, funny messages in between songs.
  • Surprise him with concert tickets for his favorite band.


Guys love food. You really can't go wrong with giving your guy some candies or chocolate. It's not too often that guys get pampered this way, so treats will do the trick for making him feel special.

  • Buy him a box of chocolates or his favorite treat, but don't limit yourself to the kind of candies everyone gets. He'll especially love his favorite sweets.
  • Make him a romantic dinner or dessert.
  • Wrap up his favorite foods and put your own words on the labels. For example, take a bottle of hot sauce and write on it, "You're hot stuff."
  • Give him peanut butter and jelly with the saying, "We belong together like peanut butter and jelly."


Any guy would melt with the gift of massage-especially when it's from his girlfriend.

  • Buy massage oil and give him a massage.
  • Light candles for him and create a romantic atmosphere.

Many Gift Choices

When it comes to getting Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriend, giving him a creative and fun gift will help you celebrate the special day.

Valentines Day Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love