Understanding What Women Are Really Saying

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Women might not always tell you directly what they want and reading between the lines can be difficult. You might need a little help understanding the difference between what they are saying and what they actually mean. Body language can be a clue to their meaning, but this also might not always be clear. If all else fails, just ask.

Why it is Difficult to Understand What Women Are Saying

There are many reasons why women are hard to figure out. Some women feel you should already know her wants and needs. Or, she may think you do understand her and doesn't know you are having trouble figuring her out. Sometimes, women don't know what they want or need and turn to you for help.

Whatever the case may be, there are ways you can make your woman happy by figuring out what she is saying. Women send out subtle clues and if you are not paying attention, you will miss it. Here are some clues to look for the next time you are listening to your loved one.

  • Talking about others

When your girl starts talking about how others treat her, it is a clue you should not treat her that way. For example, she says her friend Sam doesn't look at her when she talks and it annoys her. This means you shouldn't do this while she is talking to you.

  • She asks you if something looks nice

She wants to know if something looks nice but she is also looking for a compliment on her overall appearance. If what she is wearing looks good on her, compliment her on it and then on her beauty.

  • She says, "I always…"

Usually when a woman starts talking about what she always wanted but never got a chance to buy or do, it means she wants to do it in the near future and wants help from you.

  • She says, "I feel…"

Sometimes women will say they are feeling a certain way to get a reaction from you whether it is support or an item.

  • When she says, "I am so sick of…"

If your loved one says she is sick of unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry or other chore, do not console her and tell her she is doing a good job. She is really looking for a break or some help. Do a load of laundry for her next time it piles up or unload the dishwasher next time it is clean.

  • She asks you why you aren't listening

You are listening but she is telling you she doesn't feel like she is being heard. The best way to make her feel listened to is making eye contact with her, respond to what she says and ask questions.

  • She tells you that you don't understand her

This means she is feeling unsupported by you and you can help by giving her a hug, asking her what she needs from you or just sitting down and having a good conversation about what is bothering her.

Body Language and Understanding What Women are Saying

Body language is another great way to figure out your woman. Body language is nonverbal behavior, which communicates feelings. If a woman folds her arms across her chest, she is either angry, defensive or feels uncomfortable in a situation. If she twirls her hair, she may feel embarrassed, nervous, or shy. Personal space increases when a girl is upset or unsure of what someone says.

What is Your Body Language Saying?

If your significant other gets upset with you and you don't know why, your body language may be the reason. If you turn your body to do something else while she is talking she feels you are not paying attention to her. If you stand with your arms crossed at your chest or hands on your hips, she feels threatened or pressured to finish what she is saying which might make her mad.

Not all body language is negative. If you tilt your head to the side, she will feel like you are listening to her. If you nod while she is talking, she will feel understood. Touching her on the hand, arm or shoulder for comfort will make her feel supported. Decreasing personal space between the two of you while talking will help her feel comfortable and make it easier for her to talk with you. Eye contact is important and shows she has your total undivided attention.

Sometimes You Just Have to Ask

There will be times when understanding what women are saying is impossible no matter how closely you pay attention or read their body language. When this happens, don't let it go, ask her what she means. She will appreciate that you took the time to find out what she is saying and want to make her happy. Understanding or asking your wife or girlfriend what she is saying can greatly improve your relationship and make it satisfying for the both of you!

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Understanding What Women Are Really Saying