50+ Sweet Pick Up Lines to Make Anyone Smile

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Sweet pick up lines are cute, romantic and flirty ways to introduce yourself and make someone smile. You can try a few to see if one works better than the other to serve as an ice breaker when meeting someone new.

Self-Confident Pick Up Lines That Are Sweet

You can choose a pick up line that demonstrates your self-confidence. Most people appreciate and are drawn to a person who is confident and inspires trust.

  • "You seem deep in thought. Care to share a few of those beautiful thoughts?"
  • "My friend told me this party would be worth my time, and now that I see you, I know he was right."
  • "Meeting you tonight gave me have a feeling of déjà vu , like we've met before. Maybe in a past life?"
  • "You know, I was sitting across the room when I saw you come in and I knew I had to come over and introduce myself before every man in here tried to hit on you."
  • "You have an aura about you that is so enticing."
  • "I appreciate a woman who isn't afraid to enter a bar by herself."
  • "So, are you incognito and trying to escape the royal guard, princess?"
  • "If we were Bowhead whales, we'd have a life expectancy of over 200 years? That still wouldn't be enough time to be with you and explore life together."
  • "When did you realize you were smarter and prettier than most women?"
  • "Was there an ah-ha moment when you realized most men were too afraid of rejection to approach such a gorgeous woman as you?"

Firm but Respectful Pick Up Lines

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You can deliver a pick up line with respect while being firm and allow a sweet pick up line do the work for you. However, pick up lines can be tricky since they can easily backfire. Going for a clever line is probably better than trying to be funny. How you deliver the line, your tone, your body language and your facial expression can make all the difference in how your best pick up line is received.

  • "Hi. Quick question for you. What did the rabbit say to the bartender at the wedding cash bar? Get out the good stuff, [insert name] is hopping over here. And, here I am. Can I buy you a drink?"
  • "Most guys try to hit on me within the first few minutes they enter a room, but you just walked past me and sat down with your back to me. Your disinterest intrigued me, so I thought I'd come over and introduce myself."
  • "I'm looking for a certain kind guy, but I don't think he exists. Perhaps you can help me decide?"
  • "You know most men are intimidated by my self-confidence, but you seem like the kind of man who appreciates a strong woman."
  • "I had to ask myself, now why is such a good-looking man sitting here all alone, and then I realized it was because I wasn't sitting with you."
  • "I had a bet with my friends that you're a body builder, so they dared me to come over here and ask you to bench press me."
  • "Most guys try to put on airs, but you're just sitting here looking bored, so I thought I'd come over and cheer you up."
  • "I'm taking a poll. How do you feel about cheesy pick up lines?"
  • "If you aren't sure about love at first sight, I can walk past you once more."
  • "Just fair warning, my health insurance doesn't pay for a broken heart."
  • "Hi, I could tell you're new to this pub since you aren't part of the boisterous group of men at the bar. Their loss and your luck. Want to buy me a drink?"

Sense of Romance Pick Up Lines

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You really can't go wrong with a touch of romance and sweetness for your pick up line. Even if the person says no - and they might - if delivered with a sense of earnest passion, the odds are you'll still look good even if rejected.

  • "I know, you looked across the room and thought that handsome guy is too stuck up to be interested in me. Well, you were wrong, I'm not stuck up and I'm definitely interested in you."
  • "Do you know how powerful you are? When I came into the coffee shop just now, you smiled at me and I instantly fell under your spell."
  • "If I had a nickel for everyone I've seen as attractive as you, I'd have…one nickel."
  • "The next time you get a dozen roses, just look in the mirror while holding them and you'll see the 13 most beautiful things in the world."
  • "I know you don't know me, but that's just a lack of opportunity. Fortunately for you, I'm all for equal opportunity."
  • "I gave myself two minutes to come over and introduce myself. What do you want to do with the remaining the minute and fifty-five seconds?
  • "Hi, please forgive me for staring. I must admit, I always thought goddesses were a myth, I never imagined I'd meet one in person.
  • "Hi, so I had a bet with my buddy over there. If you can answer just one question for me, you win a chance to go out with me. Care to play the guessing game?"
  • "Time is fleeting, so I'm going to bypass the usual corny pickup lines and ask you to go out with me."
  • "Hi. I've never been to paradise, but I felt as though I just walked through its door when I saw you sitting there."
  • "Let me buy you another cup of coffee so we can sip together while you tell me how you got to be so gorgeous."
  • "Excuse me, may I sit here for a moment to recuperate from falling for you?"
  • "I'm sure it would take the sweetest pickup line to get your attention, but it seems the only one I can come up with is, "You're just so beautiful and sublime."
  • "I look in your eyes and see such a beautiful world that I'd like to be part of."
  • "Hi, at the risk of sounding corny, your aura just shines all around you, and I just wanted to tell you how much you brightened my evening."
  • "When I saw you across the room, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. At first, I thought you had to be a statue since no woman could be so beautiful."
  • "I'm so glad you told that guy you weren't interested because I was hoping we could talk and get to know each other now that he's gone."
  • "So, when did you arrive on this planet? Because no Earth woman could look so amazing!"
  • "I was attracted to your mind from across the room. I could tell you were a smart woman when you refused that guy's pickup line."
  • "The instant chemistry I feel between us is like that school science project, when you combine two elements. You know the one? Yes, the volcano explosion.

Flirty Playful and Sweetest Pick Up Lines

Sometimes being clever isn't enough on its own. You can also work little games or challenges into your opening salvo, with an easygoing smile if the person refuses to play. Remember, sometimes the way you take rejection can be more impressive than any line at all.

  • "Do you have the time? Thanks, now we can both remember the exact moment we met."
  • "You seem popular, but I'm hoping you have room for one more friend in your life."
  • "Careful with that frown, You'll break the hearts of everyone whose fallen in love with your smile."
  • "How long do you get to visit Earth before you have to return to heaven?"
  • "May I see your palm? Ah, see this line? It predicts you'll meet a really great guy on this very night. I'm so thrilled I was the one to fulfill this palmistry prediction that's right there on your hand."
  • "When I saw you, I realized I had to introduce myself so I could follow my dream."
  • "You look even better than your photo on last month's GQ cover."
  • "There can be only one, so here I am."
  • "Did heaven put out a Missing Angel report when you flew down here?"
  • "I'm trying an experiment to see if awkwardness is seductive. What do you think?"

Choosing One Sweet Pick Up Line Out of 50+ Lines

You can choose a sweet pick up line from over 50 lines. Not everyone appreciates a pick up line, but you can always tailor your favorite line to fit the occasion or venue.

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