3 Online Soul Mate Tests

Soul mates

Is your current significant other your one true love? Consider using a soul mate test to help you decide. Do these test work? Only time will tell. In some cases, the test may be right on the money; in others, they might just be a shot in the dark. Whatever the results, finding your soul mate should be a good thing, right? Why not give it a try? You never know until you try!

Online Soul Mate Tests

Just what is a soul mate test? Well, if you love playing love games, you'll love intrigue of finding a soul mate. It's kind of like solving a mystery…the mystery of finding the perfect person for you. There are many soul mate tests available online. Check out the following:

OK Cupid

Will you know when you meet your soul mate? OK Cupid offers a test on Will You Spot Your Soul Mate. The site professes to use advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature and to find out if you are ready and able to really recognize your true soul mate.

Christian Connection

This website takes the viewpoint that a soul mate is someone prepared for you by God. The ten questions in this test are designed to help you take stock of your relationship and decide if you truly have an intimate soul connection with your current partner. If you decide you don't, you'll at least come away with a better understanding of what soul mates truly are.

Family IQ

Family IQ debuted on the Dr. Phil Show, and you can access tests, forums, articles, and even courses on relationships at this site. The soul mate test will help you answer the following questions:

  • Who is your perfect partner?
  • Are you currently in a romantic relationship or looking for a relationship?
  • Do you think that possibly there may be someone - THE ONE - the one and only person out there for you?

This test will assess your belief system in a 'soul mate' and help you judge whether or not you are either currently or potentially in such a relationship.

The Many Possibilities of Soul Mates

While not everyone believes in the concept of a soul mate, it's natural to want to know if you've found the love of your life. The most important thing for you is to decide on your own definition of true love and to first love and accept yourself. This means that soul mates can be found at any age and time in life. Also, keep in mind the possibility that people might have numerous soul mates, so even if a previous soul mate is no longer in your life, another one might be just around the corner.

3 Online Soul Mate Tests