10 Photos of Beautiful Young Couples in Love

Young Couples in Love


Young couples come in all shapes and sizes. You see them at the mall, on college campuses, at work, and at play. Young couples are loving, sexy, playful, provocative, and romantic.

The Courtship of Love


Young couples historically engage in courting behavior. Courtship is not the same as dating or flirting, because it's a form of pledging commitment after the formality of getting to know each other. This etching from 1854 represents a young couple courting the idea of marriage, love and romance in playful yet proper fashion.

Modern Couples


Modern young couples meet online and share online adventures. They can sit side by side, working on their laptops, but never forgetting for a moment that the attraction that brought them together whether they discovered their chemistry online or off.

Comfortable Couple


Young couples can enjoy an evening together, curled up on the sofa and watching a movie. Making homemade popcorn, snuggling and watching television is not only an inexpensive date, it can lead to greater intimacy because no one is there to shush them.

College Couple


In college, you see young couples coming together through shared interests and mutual appreciation. Young couples who are as mentally stimulated as they are physically can find their relationship heightened.

Unhappy Couple


Not all couples have an easy road. In fact, arguments and misunderstandings may abound. The difficult part of an argument is not the argument, but the apologies that lead to compromise and understanding after an argument. Never be afraid to say you are sorry or wrong.

Sexy Couples


Sexy young couples are attractive and remind us of what it feels like to fall in love for the first time, long for a first kiss, and a first glance.

Romantic Couple


Valentine's Day is a grand day for couples to explore their romantic and playful sides. Young couples love to surprise each other with gifts, kisses and hugs.

Playful Couple


The playful exchanges that come with a new relationship should never be forgotten whether a couple is together one week, one month, one year or a lifetime.

Loving Couple


Whether it's love at first sight or a love that grows over time, savor the simple moments that bring you together.

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10 Photos of Beautiful Young Couples in Love