Gallery of Perfect Romantic Background Ideas

About Romance Backgrounds

A romance background sets the stage for a romantic time with your partner. Whether it's your first date or your fiftieth, the right setting and background can encourage romantic thoughts, feelings and interactions.

It can take practice and time to create the right romantic background. Be creative and thoughtful to create the right romantic backdrop for you and the one you love.

Romantic Picnic Basket

A picnic basket with wine and cheese is ideal for setting the romantic stage indoors or outdoors. Inviting your significant other to a picnic in the middle of a workday may involve sparkling grape juice rather than wine, but it's the thought that counts.

For the nighttime seduction, create a romance background indoors with a picnic blanket, candles, and a romantic basket with everything you need in it.

Romance in Your Backyard

Do you want to create a romantic Moroccan setting in your own backyard? Drape white sheers or sheets, set up tiki torches, and set up a romantic table in your yard. Use a CD player to further the mood with romantic music or drums.

Escape to a Romantic Hotel

A hotel room may not be the first choice for a romance background, but for some couples a romantic getaway to a local hotel can let them shut out the rest of the world and just concentrate on each other.

A romantic getaway to a local hotel may not take you away to the tropics, but the time to focus on each other without the mundane concerns of daily life can be the most romantic of all.

Romantic Sunset

Take a drive to a lake, a pond or a lagoon and enjoy the simple beauty of the sun setting over the water. A sunset is romantic not only because of the colors but because it leads to the twilight, a more intimate time of day when you can share secret thoughts and feelings.

A Romantic Bathroom

One of the best parts of traveling is that bathrooms in exotic places can be fantastically exotic and hedonistic without being remotely out of place. This romantic bathroom, for example, invites couples to soak in the ambiance.

Romantic Bistros

Romantic restaurants make fantastic backgrounds for dates, anniversaries, and even proposals. Smaller, more intimate bistro settings are ideal for romance.

Romance at Home

Did you dance in your house when you first moved in? How about when you redecorated? Creating romance at home is a lot easier than you might think.

Whether you travel, go out, or stay in, you and your partner can find romance wherever you create it. Turn ordinary surroundings into pure romance with roses, soft lighting, and your own special loving touches.

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Gallery of Perfect Romantic Background Ideas