10 Flirty Photos of Women Kissing

Galleries of Women Kissing

Women from all walks of life enjoy sharing romance and passion. Images of a simple kiss are gentle, soft, teasing and loving, but can also be tempting and sensuous.

Sugar-Coated Kisses

Kisses can be as sweet as sugar - leaving each person wanting more. These sugar-coated lips are sexy and seductive.

Soft Kisses

A romantic, soft kiss serves as an invitation or a coaxing request for more. It can also be a simple and gentle reminder of how much you care about your partner.

First Kisses

Feelings of nervousness and shyness often accompany a first kiss. While tempting enough, it is this kiss that leaves you feeling unsure and thrilled at the same time.

Possessive Kiss

The possessive kiss demands a response, lays a claim and is as fun to give as it is to receive. This type of kiss may be unexpected and out of character for the person who gives it, but it will certainly make an indelible statement.

Passionate Kiss

Many women prefer a passionate kiss that is full of heat. The passionate kiss savors every moment from mingling breath to the first taste of the lips.

Artistic Kiss

This artistic kiss demonstrates a broken heart. Some kissing leads to heartbreak, but a kiss may mend a heart as well. Kisses are often an expression of one's feelings and can change in meaning and intensity according to one's mood.

Forbidden Kisses

Forbidden kisses taste ever so sweet, for they revel in feelings and emotions others want to see contained. Forbidden kisses can be some of the most seductive and sensual of all expressions.

Kiss to Convey Your Feelings

It's important to remember that kissing should feel good. If it doesn't, you're kissing the wrong person. A kiss can be an important part of a couple's communication. Each person should pay attention to technique, and use their kisses to convey their feelings.

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10 Flirty Photos of Women Kissing