Gallery of Cute Emo Guys Kissing

A Kiss From an Emo Guy

This kind of expression and style is popularly considered "emo" - that is, emotional and with a devil-may-care attitude.

Emo Guys Kissing

Far from carefree, though, two emo guys kissing can be filled with heat and passion.

A Waterfall Kiss

The right moment to kiss is when the beauty of your surroundings and your partner make it seem inevitable.

A Brief Brush of the Lips

Even a casual kiss hello or goodbye can be filled with potential for emotional expression.

Sweet Tongue Kiss

Tongue or no tongue? Negotiating a French kiss can be quite fun in and of itself, anticipating the sweet taste of their mouth on yours.

A Passionate Public Kiss

Public displays of affection are a personal choice - nobody else's. It's easy enough for someone to look away if they want; the chance to kiss should be seized and taken.

A Kiss is a Two-Way Street

A kiss should be appreciated by both parties, and regardless of who starts, should be enthusiastically reciprocated.

The Secret of the Kiss

How do you kiss a man? The same way you would kiss anyone. With your whole heart, full attention, and total passion.

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Gallery of Cute Emo Guys Kissing