Photos of 10 Couples Kissing

Couples Kissing

A kiss may be just a kiss, but in fairy tales, a couple's kiss can turn a frog into a prince. Kissing expresses so many emotions from tenderness to love to passion to commitment and more. What kiss is your favorite?

Innocent Kisses

Couples kissing is about more than just two people making out, it's the soft, first kiss a little girl gives to her first boyfriend and is remembered fondly for the pure innocence of the time.

Couples Kissing - First Time

That first kiss between a couple, when feelings are new, fragile and exposed, is among the most romantic kiss two people can share.

Stolen Kisses

Couples kissing soft and swift or long and hard can be made more sweet if the kiss is stolen, forbidden or threatened with the danger of being caught.

Eskimo Kisses

Why do they call it an Eskimo kiss when couples brush noses rather than touch lips? Because rumors abound that the moisture of a shared kiss in the frozen tundra can seal mouths together. Myth or truth? Eskimo kisses are still sweet.

Autumn Kisses

Autumn kisses are filled with promise as two people frolic together outside, lay amongst the leaves or share long, passionate kisses together.

Christmas Kisses

Couples kissing at Christmas may be taking advantage of the mistletoe to explore their feelings.

Wedding Kisses

When a couple is pronounced man and wife, he is always urged to kiss his bride and seal their union.

Sunset Kisses

Sunsets are a romantic time for couples and kissing in front of the sunset can create a romantic experience for both of them.

Sexy Kisses

Let passion be your guide when your first kisses and stolen kisses become passionate and sexy kisses.

Mature Kisses

Couples kissing is not just for young people or couples, kisses, like wine, age well over time.

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Photos of 10 Couples Kissing