10 Things To Do on a First Date

Take a Beautiful Walk Together


Planning things to do on a first date can be difficult since you want to make a good first impression. Many people fear they will pick the wrong activity or destination and ruin the chances of the person wanting a second date.

Choose an activity that gives you the chance to get to know the person. A walk in a beautiful park is the perfect place to view lovely scenery as well as talk about each other.

Take a Bicycle Ride


Bicycle riding lets you explore new or familiar places together. Arrange a place to stop for refreshing drinks, snacks, and good conversation.

A Walk on the Beach


Taking a walk on the beach is romantic. The sound of the waves, soft sand underneath your feet, and ample time to talk about your lives makes this the perfect first date destination.

Romantic Dinner Out


Going out to eat is a classic romantic date idea. Find out what kind of food your date likes and make a reservation.

Take Your Date to a Game


Take the person to a sports event such as baseball, football, or hockey game. Before you buy your tickets, find out what your date's favorite sports are.

Appreciate the Arts Together


If both of you have an appreciation for the arts, plan a trip to a museum. You could also purchase tickets to a play or musical performance.

Buy Concert Tickets


Buy tickets to a favorite band or singer's concert. It will be a memorable event and allows you to focus on something else besides how nervous you are that evening.

Laugh Together


First dates can make you anxious and there's no better way to lower your anxiety than laughing. A comedy show helps you relax and get to know each other's sense of humor.

Try Miniature Golf


You won't find any pressure in miniature golf, just a good time. Beware, if you are the competitive type and your companion isn't, you may have to curtail some of that competition.

Good Times at the Amusement Park


An amusement park has so many exciting things there's bound to be something you both will find pleasurable. You can take a thrilling ride on the roller coaster or go on the romantic Ferris wheel, perfect for young couples or couples who are young at heart.

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10 Things To Do on a First Date