6 Undeniable Signs You're in a Bad Relationship

Signs of a Bad Relationship

Do you know how to recognize signs of a bad relationship? Sometimes when you are in a relationship, it can be difficult to notice obvious warnings. While physical abuse can be a big one, jealousy and controlling behavior are also signs of a bad relationship. If in doubt, check in with your family and friends.

Listen to Friends and Family

Often the first people to notice a bad relationship are your friends and family. The people who know you best are able to spot changes in your mood or behavior. When they notice unpleasant changes, they will often tell you. Instead of automatically dismissing the concerns of our loved ones, take the time to examine why they have noticed changes.

Some Signs of a Bad Relationship

This list of bad relationship signs is comprised of behaviors that no one should have to tolerate from a partner. Just because something your partner does isn't listed here doesn't mean you don't have a bad relationship. Use your heart and instincts as a guide. If you think a relationship is supposed to feel better than what you are experiencing, then you are probably in a bad relationship.

Physical Abuse

No one should have to endure physical abuse. Even if you endured abuse as a child, you deserve better from someone whom claims to love you. Beware of the cycle of abuse and apology. Some people will become violent when angry. Once they cool off, they apologize and promise to stop the abuse. If this cycle happens more than once, insist that you seek couples counseling to deal with the anger issues.

Control Freak

Some people naturally take charge and make decisions with ease. It can be nice to rest and let them decide where to eat, what to do on a date, etc. The problem is some people go much further than this and insist on controlling your life. Everyone has free will and you should never tolerate a partner who insists that you do everything his or her way. Take back your life and get out of a relationship with a control freak.


Many are prone to moments of jealousy. They don't like it when someone flirts with their partner, for example. Small levels of jealousy like this are not an issue. Jealousy can be taken excessively far, however. Is your partner always checking up on you, insisting to know everything you do and who you are with? Does he or she always suspect that you are cheating even though you are not exhibiting common signs of cheating? If this describes your partner, then he or she has a jealousy problem. What may have started as a cute behavior, will quickly get on your nerves.

Nothing but Sex

Great sex isn't usually thought of as a bad relationship sign. The problem isn't the quality of sex but the quantity. Try asking yourself if your relationship has any reason for existence other than sex? Did the two of you used to enjoy talking and hanging out, but now all you do is hop into bed together? No matter how good the loving is, this kind of relationship is doomed to fail. A great relationship is more than just physical pleasure. Find someone whom moves you emotionally, mentally and physically.

You've Changed too Much

Your friends will likely be the ones who notice when you have changed too much. When you are dating, it is very common to acquire some habits or interests that your partner has. One example is to begin enjoying music that your boyfriend or girlfriend likes. Changes like this are not a bad sign. The problem is when you become an entirely different person, almost unrecognizable to your friends. You may be able to maintain the charade for a while, but eventually the real you will want to reemerge. When that happens, find a partner that will love you just the way you are.

Continuous Frustration

Whether caused by one behavior or many small things, a partner that makes you feel continuously frustrated is a bad sign. Except in rare circumstances, you are unlikely to feel less frustrated anytime soon. Regardless of how good your partner may be otherwise, if he or she annoys you to frustration, do yourself a favor and get out of the relationship.


There are numerous signs of a bad relationship and they differ from couple to couple. All couples will experience difficult times and disputes. But overall a relationship should make you happy. If you are not happy, why would you want to stay in a bad relationship?

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6 Undeniable Signs You're in a Bad Relationship