The Ins and Outs of Sending Flowers

Receiving a Flower

Sending flowers is a great way to surprise your partner and express your love. They are also good for cheering someone up. You can even send flowers to yourself to brighten your day, decorate your room, or to make someone jealous. Flowers are appropriate for nearly every occasion-including when there is no occasion. Learn more about how, when and why to send flowers.

Sending Flowers 101

Sending flowers can be a little intimidating if you have never done it before. Decisions must be made, such as what kind of flowers to choose, what color and when to send them. Fortunately, flower-sending websites make it easy to pick the perfect flowers. You'll start by picking the occasion, unless you happen to already know what kind of flowers you want. Most flowers come with a vase already selected, but you may also be able to choose the vase or select no vase at all. Finally, you'll then pick where and when to ship the flowers. Each of these areas is covered in more depth below.

When to Send Flowers

Just about any time is a good time for sending flowers. Here are some occasions and things to consider for each one:

  • Valentine's Day: This is probably the most important time of the year to send flowers. If you don't send flowers any other time, at least send them on Valentine's Day. In fact, you might even get in trouble for not sending flowers on Valentine's Day!
  • Birthday or Anniversary: Flowers are a nice touch to make a special day even better. Especially consider sending flowers to the recipient's office if you will not see him or her until the evening.
  • Sympathy: Flowers can help you express feelings of sympathy or sorrow in a way that words can't.
  • Get Well: If someone is sick at home or in the hospital, fresh flowers can help cheer the person up and make him or her feel better.
  • I'm Sorry: At some point in your relationship, you will say or do something you regret. Sending flowers, along with your apology, is a great way to ask for forgiveness.
  • For Romance: Sometimes the best flowers are sent when there is no occasion other than to say, "I love you." This shows you care and are thinking about your partner throughout the year.

Picking a Vase

Quite often the flowers you choose will already come with a vase. But some shops allow you to pick from several vases. When deciding which vase to use, think about the following:

  • Clear Vase: A clear vase coordinates well with any arrangement of flowers and makes it easy to check the water level. You can also use the vase over and over again. But a clear vase is also generic, and you can see the flower stems, which may detract from the bouquet.
  • Colored/Patterned: This kind of vase is designed to color-coordinate with the flowers and may reflect the holiday or occasion as well. Your Flower bouquet will definitely look their best in one of these vases.

Delivering Flowers

Many flower shops will deliver your flowers the same day you order them or the next day. Some places online will ship your flowers in a box via FedEx or UPS. Other sites have an arrangement with local florists. If they contract the delivery to a local florist, this means your flowers will be hand-delivered rather than shipped in a box.

Inquire about which method of delivery is used before making your purchase. Also find out if the price of your bouquet includes shipping/delivery or if that costs extra. If you are having flowers sent to someone's residence, make sure someone will be home to accept delivery.

It can be very romantic and exciting to send the flowers to your partner's place of employment. Find out ahead of time if receiving flowers at their office is allowed and who in the office can sign for the flowers when they arrive.

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The Ins and Outs of Sending Flowers