A Closer Look at Seduction Stories

Seduction Stories

Seduction stories are as old as humanity itself, starting with the first moment two eyes met across a fire lit cave. Whether it's boy-meets-girl to Cougar stalks boy, we all are interested in seduction stories.

The Three Kinds of Seduction Stories

What is seduction, anyway? It is the process by which one person causes another to fall in love - usually with a climactic physical ending. It's the classic idea that the journey, the process of getting there, which is more exciting than even the final goal, that keeps people interested.

Seduction Stories for Everyone

Some seduction stories, both fictional and true, have become so famous that they are visited again and again, re-told and re-imagined. These are the stories that Shakespeare told, such as Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, or the seduction-filled A Midsummer Night's Dream. Each of these highlights the things we all know about seduction - that it involves some resistance on the part of one or both parties (who end up helpless before the power of love), that it may be both beautiful and tragic, and that often it is hilarious, at least to those watching.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses is another classic tale that has been re-told many times - most recently in the movies Valmont and Dangerous Liaisons as well as the more modernized Cruel Intentions. This shows the darker side of seduction - when people treat it as a game, a hunt, not caring what feelings get manipulated or the actual final consequences of a successful seduction. These kinds of stories function not only as a warning to the targets, but also to the people who would be the seducers - that emotions often go both ways.

Seduction Stories for Your Partner

While those kinds of stories are popular and easy to find, there is another kind of story that is unique and can be a way for you and your partner to get closer. That's the story of how the two of you met and fell in love. This may at first seem like a boring story ("We met at the office...") but if you look at it from a romantic perspective, it becomes as compelling as any other story. How did you both come to be working at that office? What were you wearing on the day you first met? Who asked who on the first date, and how did they manage to get up the nerve to do so? One of the characteristics of romance is over-reaction to common things. In other words, if you went to a movie, it may have just been another movie - but perhaps you were hyper-aware of your date's arm next to yours. Perhaps fingers brushed while reaching for popcorn. Shared laughter is an amazingly powerful aphrodisiac, and if you think about how you felt after the two of you stopped giggling, you may find that was the beginning of the seduction - either planned by one or the other, or both of you helpless before the emotions you were feeling.

Your Own Personal Stories of Seduction

The third kind of story is even more personal, because it's not really shared with anyone but yourself. This is your own fantasy, your own idea of what makes you feel giddy inside. It may be as torrid as the most dramatic bodice-ripper fantasy, it may be as tame as a simple bump in the subway, but there is something about the process of falling for someone that excites you. Finding out what that something is, and exploring it - whether through personal journaling, discussions with your trusted friends, or just through reading stories of love - can be a way to not only know yourself better but also to protect yourself from the kind of uncontrolled "head-over-heels" situation that can be so damaging. There's nothing wrong with falling in love, and nothing wrong with seduction on either side - but it's better if you have some idea of what you're getting into, and how to handle it. That makes the journey all the more fun, because you can seduce each other again and again...

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A Closer Look at Seduction Stories