Love Poems for Valentine's Day

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Romantic Valentine's Day poems offer a great opportunity to go beyond the basics of store-bought cards, flowers, and chocolates and send a message of real love. This year, give your sweetheart a gift of words that will be remembered long after the candy and flowers are gone.

Valentine's Day Poems From Boyfriend to Girlfriend

Sometimes a man has difficulty saying what's in his heart. If this sounds like you, use one of these romantic Valentine's Day poems to tell your girlfriend how much you love her. These poems also work when given by a husband to his wife.

No One Else

By Kelly Roper

Where else is there a place for me if not in your heart?
No place.

How else can I live if not in the sunshine of your soul?
It's not possible.

What is more important for me to do than love you?

Who else but with you, lovely lady, could I share Valentine's Day?
No one else.

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No Ordinary Valentine

By Kelly Roper

This is not what it appears to be -
Just an ordinary valentine.
This poem I write to you
Contains the contents of this heart of mine.

I've never felt for another girl
The things I feel for you.
I've never met another woman
Who could change my entire world view.

But falling in love with you has totally
Opened up my eyes.
Now my days are filled with wonder,
And it's really no surprise.

Love makes even ordinary things
Seem so bright and new.
And that's why I'm so thankful to share
This Valentine's Day with you.

Romantic Valentine's Day Poems for Him

Guys might not want to admit it, but they secretly love getting romantic valentine poems too. If you really want to set the tone for your Valentine's Day celebration and give your fellow an ego boost, share a romantic poem for him.

No Other Man...

By Kelly Roper

No other man thrills me when he walks in the room.
No other man draws my attention and holds it captive.
No other man reflects my ideal of human beauty,
And no other man is as beautiful inside and out.
No other man could ever turn me away from you.
No other man could ever be my valentine except you.

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The Man I Love

By Kelly Roper

The man I love is
Patient beyond measure,
Faithful beyond a doubt,
And simply a treasure.

The man I love is
A very kind person.
He always speaks his truth,
Without hurting anyone.

The man I love is
Fair and strong,
The kind of man they'd write about
In the perfect romantic song.

The man I love is
One I'm sure loves me too.
I'm speaking to him right now.
Yes my dear, that man is you.

Short Valentine Poems for Everyone

Long love poems are nice, but sometimes a short and sweet poem gets the job done. The nicest thing about the following poems is that they will work for everyone who's in a relationship. Simply add one of these poems to a Valentine's Day card and melt your loved one's heart.

A Love So True

By Kelly Roper

I never knew a love so deep and true,
Until the day I fell in love with you.

A Valentine Haiku for You

By Kelly Roper

My heart looked at you
And realized its true home,
So I followed it.

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When You and I Met

By Kelly Roper

When you met me and I met you,
We didn't know what we were getting into.
If you love me like I love you,
We're blessed with a love that's experienced by few.

Make Your Partner Love You More

Is it possible to make your partner love you even more? Giving him or her a beautiful love poem on this special day might work a little magic. Don't let this Valentine's Day go by without giving it a try.

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