13 Novel Romantic Gifts

Romantic Gifts

Whether for Valentines Day, Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries, certain occasions call for romantic gifts. But, how do you choose a gift for a significant other? After all, what's romantic to one person can be just plain silly to another.

Avoid Clichés

When many people think of romantic gifts, they think of roses, perfume, or cologne, but these ideas have grown a bit overdone. Flowers and fragrance have become so cliché that they are now seen as rather impersonal. Unless you know without a doubt that she absolutely adores red roses, skip these clichés. If you do opt to give a generic gift, make it in addition to something more personal.

Well-Thought Out Gifts

The trick to picking truly romantic gifts is to think about the recipient: What are the things she really enjoys? What are his dreams? What are her hobbies?

Any gift that shows you have been listening to her and thinking about her will be well-received. For example, if she confessed that she loves purple orchids, an elaborate orchid bouquet would be much more personal than roses. No one wants a run-of-the-mill gift that could be given to just anyone. She wants a gift that is just for her. Other sentimental gift ideas that show you really know her or him include:

  • Give him a first edition copy of his favorite book.
  • Have her favorite photo restored, enlarged, or put on canvas. Canvas on Demand creates photo collages and photo canvases from your original photos.
  • Recreate the day you met, your first date, or another special moment in your lives.
  • Make a wish come true! Has he always wanted to ride in a hot-air balloon? Make the reservation. If she's always wanted you to take her ballroom dancing, surprise her with dance lessons.

Romantic Gifts from the Heart

romantic gift of breakfast
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Don't despair if you are short on cash; romantic gifts do not have to be expensive. In fact, some of the most beloved gifts of all are extremely cheap or even free. Many people enjoy receiving homemade gifts. These gifts show that the giver was willing to spend time, thought, and effort on a gift. For many recipients, a heartfelt poem on beautiful paper is worth more than a diamond. Other ideas for free or low-cost romantic gifts include:

  • A memory box: Decorate a hat or shoe box with wrapping paper and ribbons, and then fill it with souvenirs of your love: movie ticket stubs, love letters, photographs, and more.
  • Photo collage: Artfully arrange several photos of the two of you on thick paper and place in a frame.
  • Scrapbook: Fill a scrapbook with photos of the two of you and all the relationship mementoes you've collected.
  • Story of your love: Make a mini-book of your relationship. Type or print your story on thick paper, leaving room for photos throughout. Lace the booklet together with silk cord or ribbon, or have it bound at your local copy shop.
  • Homemade greeting card. Use thick, beautiful card stock, and decorate with lace, ribbons, beads, dried flowers, or silk. Write your own poem or search online for appropriate wording.
  • Use your talent to create the perfect gift. Are you a musician? Write her a song and give her a private showing. Are you an artist? Draw a portrait of him or of the two of you together.

Fun & Flirty Romantic Gifts

Buying romantic gifts for a long-time love is much easier than buying for a new lover. If you are in a new relationship, you are in a delicate position: should you buy a romantic gift or a more impersonal one? While you don't want to offend him by skipping his special day, you also don't want to scare him off by coming on too strong! Sometimes a fun, flirty gift is a great compromise. Consider:

  • Personalized candy. Several companies, including M&Ms, offer candy personalization. You can be as fun or as sentimental as you like.
  • Coupon book. Like personalized candy, coupon books can be either naughty or nice. If your relationship is already sexual or you are looking to take it to the next level, fill a coupon book with saucy favors. If you prefer something a bit tamer, you can include milder fare, such as foot rubs, massages, and household chores.
  • Sexy gift basket. Create a flirty gift basket with massage oil, seductive music CD, aromatic candles, and an adult game.
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