5 Subtle Signs of Romantic Attraction

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In the beginning stages of a relationship, many people find themselves wondering if the person they're interested in is interested in them, which is where romance signs of attraction can be beneficial. Some individuals may be reluctant to say "I like you," and may instead show affection through non-verbal cues.

Romance Signs of Attraction to Look For

There are a lot of different ways that people show attraction to others. Not every person will use every method. A lot depends on personality type. For example, a socially outgoing person may be more forward than a shy person, even among close friends. You may have to watch very carefully.

Gazing Into Your Eyes

If someone takes long looks deep into your eyes, this is a sign of showing interest. If the person is shy or uncomfortable, he or she may make quick but frequent glances in your direction instead to avoid being seen as staring. Looking at you and smiling is a plus too.

Making Adjustments in Appearance

When a person is attracted to you, he or she will want to make a good impression. This can manifest itself in subtle concerns with appearance. For example, a woman might brush her hair over her shoulder or a man may straighten his collar or repeatedly check his tie. Often the person will do it subconsciously.

Attracted to you


Another unconscious thing people do when they are attracted to one another is mirror each other's movements. For example, you may notice that when some couples walk down the street, each person's pace matches the others exactly, down to when each swings his or her arms. Couples may also cross their legs at the same time, put down their glasses and pick up and put down eating utensils at the exact same time. If you notice your date copying you in this manner, it is a good thing!

Opening Up

Of course, a person opening up about his or her life can be seen as one of the romance signs of attraction, but there is another type of opening up related to posture and position. If a person is attracted to you, he or she may lean toward you while listening or speaking and uncross the arms to show a welcoming stance.

Light Touching

Touch can be a way for a person to show attraction too. It could be giving you a light touch on the arm in response to a joke or putting a hand on the small of your back when walking through a restaurant to your table. Some may even brush a hair off of your face or put their hands on top of yours while chatting.

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Wanting to Spend Time Together

People who are into you romantically will find any way to spend time with you. This includes running errands with you, hanging out with you, and going on planned outings together. If you have someone in your life who loves going on mundane errand runs with you, they may be attracted to you.


For people who are a bit shy, blushing can be an unconscious sign of attraction. Becoming flush in the face can occur when you feel attracted to someone with evolutionary roots in mirroring orgasm responses, which signal fertility.

Tall and stance

Leaning In

If someone is drawn to you, there is a natural inclination to lean towards that person. Think about the last time you were super engaged in a conversation. Your body most likely moved toward the person you were connecting with. Your feet may point in their direction, followed by your torso and shoulders. Inevitably your bodies will end up unconsciously aligned with each other.

Gender Differences

Men and women often show different signs of attraction. Men may concentrate on appearing in control, with straight posture and a tall stance. In contrast, women may be more flirty and pull attention toward their hands or their lips. For example, they may twirl a ring or apply an extra coat of lip gloss, even if it is not needed.

A Word of Caution

Just because someone displays any or all of these characteristics does not 100 percent guarantee that the person is attracted to you. There are some things you can look for, too, that show he or she is not interested:

  • Crossing the arms across the chest
  • Avoiding eye contact at all costs
  • Yawning, or making no attempt to hide discomfort
  • Not returning a smile or a laugh

Understanding Romantic Signals

While signs of attraction can be a good gauge, the best way to find out where a relationship is going is to talk to the other person. You don't have to blurt out, "I like you. Do you like me?" but you can certainly ask the person on a date and see what response you get. Most people will say no if they are not interested in you, or it will be obvious by the end of the evening. However, if you don't try, you could be missing out on a long-term love.

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