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How to Discover Your Romance Meter

Heather Long
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What can you do with a romance meter? For most people, the standard love meter is an entertaining way to think about your relationship, where it is, where it's going and where you can improve.

Personal Romance Meter

Everyone has their own personal romance meter by which he or she measures the progress in a relationship. Are they happy? Are they satisfied? Did the first date go as expected? Did the first kiss happen when you expected it too? Is he getting serious? Is she pushing for too much? Ultimately, a romance barometer is how a person measures the success or failure of a current relationship.

It's natural to examine your relationship periodically, to answer the age old question: is he or she into you?

Basic romance meter questions include:

  • Is your partner the first person you call with good and bad news?
  • Is your partner the first person you want to see in the morning and the last person you see at night?
  • Do you miss them when they are traveling?
  • Do you still enjoy romantic activities together?
  • Do you seem to be on the same page?
  • Do you avoid most arguments because you are both willing to compromise?

While these are just example questions you may use to status of your relationship, you may be more interested in measuring the temperature.

  • Do you still hold hands?
  • Do you enjoy long, tongue twisting kisses?
  • Do you prefer to sit next to each other or apart?
  • Is some part of you always touching when you're together?
  • When you close your eyes, can you describe everything about your partner including his or her smell?
  • Does passion still come swiftly and easily?

Couples who can answer yes to most of those questions are still running a high temperature in the physical chemistry department. Physical chemistry is important in a relationship, but so is emotional and mental.

Compatibility Conflicts

Astrological charts, birth years, favorite colors and even musical trivia provide insight into potential relationship problems. Romance meters, quizzes and tests are very popular on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and even Twitter. Friends can take tests, post their results and send requests to their friends to take the tests as well.

Ultimately, this type of romance meter is purely for entertainment and should not be used as a serious way to measure a relationships' health or temperature. Couples who have concerns about the quality of romance or the health of their relationship can consult a licensed therapist. The trained psychologist may administer tests to get a feel for where each partner is coming from, their viewpoints and their emotional temperature.

Relationship tests are tools, they can help you pinpoint where you are having problems or where communication is breaking down. They can give you insights into why you might be having problems, but every couple goes through relationship problems. Every couple's romance meter has peaks and dips. Ideally, you enjoy the fun quizzes, meters and tests for what they are and work on your real relationship problems in ways that are more realistic.

Fun Meters, Quizzes and Tests

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How to Discover Your Romance Meter