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10 Quotes About Being Single

Marcelina Hardy, MSEd, BCC
Image of a lonely woman reading online

If you're feeling down about not having a special someone in your life, quotes about being single can lift you up so you can see the positive side of not being in a relationship.

Where to Find Quotes About Being Single

You can find quotes on being single just about anywhere you look. A favorite movie that has a helpless romantic looking for his one true love can give you plenty of sayings about being single. Books with love stories can also provide you with many quotes to reflect on. Even loved ones can help you see that being single isn't all bad with some of their wise words of advice.

One of the greatest places to find quotes about being single is the Internet. You can find many sites dedicated to single people looking for some inspiration and relief from the loneliness they sometimes feel.

Quotes on Being Single

The following are quotes written by the author of this article.

  • "No one can fill your emptiness except you."
  • "Being in a relationship with yourself is the most rewarding one of all."
  • "Being single means being free."
  • "A relationship creates happiness but also sorrow."
  • "With time, all things will come to you"
  • "Truly love yourself and then you can love someone else."
  • "A single person can be taken any day."
  • "A single's life is only as lonely as the person makes it.
  • "Settling for someone just to be in a relationship won't make you happy. Taking time to find the perfect person for you will."
  • "Single people can enjoy the company of the opposite sex and then send them home so someone else can deal with them."

How to Use Quotes for Daily Inspiration

If being single affects you daily, you may need to reflect on inspirational quotes everyday to get you through this difficult time for you. Keeping them around you so that can take a quick glance at them when needed is the best way to stay positive about your current relationship status.

  • Create a poster with all of the quotes you like the most.
  • Write quotes on slips of paper, put them into a bowl and take one out everyday.
  • Write them on sticky note paper and place them on your mirror in the bathroom, on your lamp next to your bed and all other places that you frequent throughout the day.
  • Have a loved one text message or email you quotes each day.
  • Carry a book of quotes with you in your purse or work bag.
  • Make desktop wallpaper with your favorite quote.
  • Type a quote on a word processor program, choose a font, print it out and then hang it on your wall.

Make Your Own Quotes About Single Life

After reading a few quotes, you might want to try to write your own. Writing quotes is a great way to reflect on your feelings and release them. Start by jotting down some of your thoughts and then try to find certain statements that speak true to your heart. Those are the ones that you want to keep in a journal or place where you can see it often. Don't be ashamed or think that you're not good at writing quotes, it's not about how good they are but how they make you feel.

10 Quotes About Being Single