12 Quick Romantic Ideas for Couples

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Quick romantic ideas for couples will help keep the romance alive. Don't assume that romance requires lots of planning or expense. Many of these ideas are free and all involve little to no advanced preparation.

Some Quick Romantic Ideas for Couples

If you need a quick romantic idea for your boyfriend or a fast romantic gesture for your wife, start by thinking about what materials and budget you have to work with.

Romantic Shower or Bath Together

Taking a nice bath or shower is always enjoyable. Having your sweetheart join you in the tub is even better or just hop in the shower together and take turns soaping and shampooing each other. You'll also conserve water in the process, making this a green romantic idea. For a quick surprise romantic idea using the tub or shower, get the bathroom ready before your lover comes home.

  • Make it a bubble bath complete with candles and wine
  • Create a playlist of romantic songs to play while you're bathing
  • Replace all your typical shower washes and tools with spa-quality sponges and washes

Have Dinner In

Don't let cooking keep you from enjoying a nice romantic dinner for two. You can cook something simple or purchase take-out and bring it home. What makes the dinner romantic are the setting and the time spent together. Light a few candles and you're all set. If you want to turn dinner at home into a quick romantic date night idea:

  • Set up a picnic in the smallest room of the house to get cozy
  • Make or buy matching aprons and tie yourselves together at the waist to cook the meal tandem
  • Serve only foods considered aphrodisiacs in different cultures

Go Out for Dinner

Sometimes the best thing you can do for romance is to get out of the house for a while. Instead of eating at your normal restaurants, try finding a new spot you've never tried before. Ask some of your friends for recommendations for a nice romantic restaurant. Make the evening more romantic when you:

  • Choose or buy an outfit for your partner to wear
  • Order dessert to go and enjoy it at the beach or park
  • Call ahead and ask for a specific table so your date will feel special

Stay at a Hotel

Pick some random night of the week and go stay in a hotel. Often rates are cheaper during the week, which will make it more affordable to stay in a luxury hotel. Consider signing up for e-mail alerts from some local hotels. Often they will send you some last minute low rates. The hotel doesn't have to be fancy, however. Just getting away from the house and kids for an evening can be all your relationship needs.

  • Call ahead and ask to have the room decorated with rose petals
  • Print out romantic games to play
  • Bring along lotions or oils to pamper each other with a massage

Drive-In Movie

Unfortunately, drive-in movie theaters are disappearing. If you're lucky enough to have one near you, go see a movie together. It really doesn't matter what is playing. What you'll want to do instead is climb into the backseat with your sweetheart and pretend you are teenagers kissing for the first time.

  • Pack your partner's favorite movie snacks
  • Get car window shades to block your car's interior view
  • Park in the back row so you have more privacy

Rent Movies

On your way home, stop by the video store and rent some romantic comedies. Pop some popcorn, dim the lights and cuddle on the couch together while you watch. Even if you don't like the movie, you'll enjoy being close to your partner.

  • Watch the movie in your bedroom
  • Set up a tent in the backyard and watch on a laptop or portable DVD player
  • Project a Netflix movie from your phone onto a wall

More Romantic Ideas

Simple romantic ideas on a budget include activities you can do at or near home. You can also find great romantic gifts or supplies at discount stores to keep costs low.

Road Trip

Road Trip

If you and your partner are sitting around on a weekend trying to decide what to do, how about going on a road trip? You'll have time together in the car to talk and you'll have the adventure of the open road. Stop and explore what interests you.

  • Drive to a remote, public location then stop and talk
  • Visit local wedding venues along your route
  • Make your final destination a bed and breakfast hotel


To really pamper your sweetheart, give him or her a massage. It can be a simple neck and shoulder massage after a long day at work or make it a more elaborate full-body massage complete with hot towels and massage oils.

  • Offer three different massages for them to choose from like foot, back, or full body
  • Set up a small room in your house to look like a real spa room
  • Create your own unique essential oil blended lotion together then use it

Go for a Walk

Pick a day with some nice weather and go for a walk together. Near sunset is the most romantic time.

  • Go slow and hold hands while you walk.
  • Quietly enjoy the outdoors together or share intimate thoughts as you walk
  • Plan ahead and set individual roses at random spots along the route

Morning Love

Sometimes the best way to spice up your relationship is to break out of ruts. Instead of making love in the evenings, wait until the morning instead. You'll be less tired and the afterglow will last all morning long. Take a shower the night before so you'll be ready to go when you awake.

  • Change into sexy attire then wake your partner up
  • Turn off your alarm and start a love song playlist
  • Put up blackout curtains or cover windows before bed so the morning light just glows around them

Sit by the Fire

If you have a fireplace, get a fire going and cuddle up together on a blanket by the fire. Feed each other some chocolates or fruit and simply enjoy being in each other's presence.

  • Fill a bowl with romantic questions and take turns answering them
  • Move the furniture and lay down a few blankets to make a cozy spot on the floor
  • Get gourmet marshmallows to roast

Go to a Coffee Shop

Instead of going to the regular chain coffee shops, find a local and unique shop in your area. Some places will even have live music on Friday or Saturday nights for the two of you to enjoy.

Start With A Romantic Attitude

Quick romantic ideas for couples are simple and can be done cheaply without much planning. It all starts with a desire to spend time together and have fun. With that attitude in place, it really doesn't matter what you choose to do.

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