4 Free Printable Love Notes

Little Love Notes
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Slipping love notes to your sweetheart throughout the day can help keep the connection between the two of you alive and well. These four printable love notes are simple to use and will let your significant other know that you are thinking of him. Click on the image link on the right to open the PDF file. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Making It Personal

While you can just slip the note to your lover, it's also nice to add a little personal touch. Add a short, romantic note, or even just a simple, 'XOXO' to let him know you care. Showing this kind of thoughtfulness might even inspire your lover to reciprocate with a note of his own.

Where to Put the Notes

While creating the note is easy, figuring out the best way to deliver it should take some planning. The best places are the ones where he will find it unexpectedly while he is away from you. A few ideas include:

  • Folding it and putting it in his glasses' case
  • Slipping the note into a wallet or billfold, so he finds it when reaching for cash
  • Planting it in his briefcase, or in the breast pocket of a coat
  • Sliding it into the pages of a notebook or files
  • Hiding it inside the cover of his/her laptop

A Sweet Gesture

No matter where you put the note, and how you sign it, the special someone in your life is sure to appreciate the fact that you were thinking of him. Enjoy the thought of his smile when he finds your note, and don't be surprised if you end up finding a card or two yourself at some point.

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4 Free Printable Love Notes