Poems About Being Single That Really Hit Home

Poems About Being Single

While there are lots of verses about love, poems about being single are fewer and far between. However, especially if you are single, poetry can be a vehicle to help fight off both loneliness and loss.

The Solitary Poet

Understandably, the majority of poems about being single are going to be about either the breakup or how much the poet wishes he or she wasn't single. Writing out your feelings about loneliness, fears of never finding anyone else, or what went wrong with past loves, can be very cathartic and help you through the dark times.

There's no need to be embarrassed about poetry; no one ever has to see it besides you. Nor are there any rules about how to create it - in fact, a lot of poems come out of simply doodling words over a piece of blank paper. For example, if you've recently broken up, your words may look like this:

Sorrow...grief...loneliness...miss her...failed...love...no more...touch...kiss...smile...crying...tears...hair...breathe...struggle...go on.

These may be melodramatic, but that's alright - they are meant to be only for you, and only for the honest emotions you are feeling. Once you have this raw material down, you are ready to go on and write the poem itself.

The following are a few of the kinds of poems that you can write, without too much difficulty, when your thoughts are dwelling on the single life:

Rhyming Couplets

One of the easiest and most common forms of poetry (as done by poet laureates such as Alfred Lord Tennyson) are "rhyming couplets". These are fairly simple to explain: verses come in pairs, and the last word of every pair rhymes.

Thoughts are filled with sorrow, of the many things I miss,

The way her mouth would shape her breath, the way her lips would kiss.


This Japanese form of poetry doesn't rhyme, but is instead ruled by a couple of guidelines: three lines, with five syllables in the first, seven in the second, and five in the third, and at least one evocative image or mention of nature in the piece. Haiku's are sometimes cryptic, but almost always cause thoughtful reflection:

Crying seems endless,

Aching with love lost again,

Thunder sounds alone.


A more lighthearted way to write poems is through limericks - which are often funny, but don't have to be. Limericks have a particular scansion, or rhythmic nature to the word, as well as a rhyming scheme for the five lines that go A-A-B-B-A (with each letter representing a rhyming word at the end of the phrase). A limerick about being single could be:The single man breathes in again,

With ranks of the singular men,

"My heart has felt worse,"

He said with a curse,

And vainly swore off all women.

Poems About Being Single: Does It Have to Rhyme?

There are many other forms of poetry to choose from, and there is no need to even make it rhyme. The reason poetry can be powerful is not because it is filled with flowery prose, but exactly the opposite: poets find ways to make words express feelings more purely and directly, evoking feeling with words the way that a good sketch artist can bring out a whole image with just a few strokes of the pencil. In other words, less is more - and even just copying down the words you write on your "scratch" sheet can be a form of poetry.

Another technique for writing poems about being is single is to print out the words and glue the paper to some magnetic sheets which are available at many office supply stores. Cut out the individual words, and put them on your fridge for some instant magnetic poems about being single. As the words no longer seem necessary, as your heart heals and you move on, perhaps the words will slowly disappear, or at least take on new meaning, as you re-arrange the feelings of being single.

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Poems About Being Single That Really Hit Home