3 Pet Lover Personals Websites

Meet a fellow pet lover.

For a lot of people, their companion animals are a huge part of their lives, which is why there are pet lover personals. These online dating sites allow individuals to meet other people that love their pets just as much. This can help them weed out people who get upset about dog hair on the sofa or sloppy kisses when they walk in the front door. Most of these sites are geared toward dog or cat lovers, but anyone that likes animals of any type is welcome to join.

Popular Pet Lover Personals Sites

There are several different sites for pet lovers looking to meet people. A few of the most highly ranked ones are:

Must Love Pets

This site is open to men and women who are looking for dates or friendships whether they have pets or not. There are options for straight, gay and bisexual individuals. Must Love Pets only serves people in the United States.

Profile criteria include the typical age, body type and education, but also less common items such as:

  • Sports you're interested in
  • Number and kinds of pets
  • Willingness to date a person of another race

It is free to register, but people must buy a premium membership if they want to contact others. They can purchase a lifetime membership or one for a period of three months or six months. If they'd rather save some cash and simply allow others to contact them, they can place a Speed Dating ad, which includes their email address, for a lesser charge.

Animal People Personals

This site is affiliated with Match.com. It allows people to search for men or women in the United States by age, zip code and keyword without registering. However, to view a person's full profile it is necessary to sign up for a free trial account, which is good for a period of three days.

Once a person registers, he or she becomes a member of the Match.com service, which means this person can search its entire database for pet lovers, not just the individuals who connected to the site through Animal People Personals.

Love Me Love My Pets

This site is absolutely free and is open to pet lovers around the world. Most of the members are American, but there some results for residents of other countries. Profile criteria includes an item asking if a person has or likes pets and the animal type. Animal types to choose from are dogs, cats, horses, birds and other.

There is no way to differentiate between people that have pets and people that just like pets except for seeing if they mention it in their written description of themselves. There is an option to either send a person of interest an email or simply to "wink" at him or her. There is also a chat room available, though it does not seem to be heavily frequented. It allows a person to chat via keyboard or by using a webcam.

Since this pet lover personals site is free, it does have a lot of advertising within its pages. It's important to read each page carefully to be able to differentiate between the official content and the ad content, which can lead a person to less legitimate sites. This site used to charge for what it called a Gold Membership, but it does not do so anymore. There is no reason a patron should be asked for his or her credit card number.

Alternatives To Personals for Pet Lovers

Pet lovers have a good chance of meeting animal loving singles in person at the following locations:

  • The local dog park
  • A pet happy hour at a bar or restaurant
  • Animal rescue group sponsored events
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3 Pet Lover Personals Websites