10 Original Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Romantic hot air balloon ride

Flowers and chocolates are the traditional Valentine's Day gifts, but wouldn't you rather give your sweetheart something a little more original and memorable? Think outside of the chocolate candy box this year.

Original, Creative Valentine's Day Gifts

Traditional gift ideas are good standbys, but to impress your Valentine, you will have to get out of your comfort zone. Say "no" to boring gifts and creatively show your love and affection with thoughtful presents. Peruse this list of romantic, creative ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for a lover or a spouse.

Give a Unique Experience

The gift of a unique experience can create priceless memories. Think hot air balloon rides, skydiving, a cruise, tickets to a big concert, or a special class related to your partner's interests. Check your local phone book or search online for available options in your area. The community news section of the newspaper may also list classes and upcoming performances in your town. Great American Days is a company that specializes in these kinds of gifts, with race car driving experiences and rock star camps. However, not every package is for the adventurous. You can also purchase spa days and cooking lessons.

Personalized Champagne

Champagne in a gift bag

Champagne tickles the nose - and the fancy. If your significant other enjoys a bit of the bubbly, pick up a magnum of your favorite brand. Use printable personalized labels to create a unique label for your champagne bottle. Name the bottle a swanky name like "Charlene's Best" or "James and Elaine's Vineyard." Print, peel and stick the labels over the regular ones. Alternatively, you could skip all the fuss and buy a personalized bottle of champagne from a company that will do it all for you. Personalized champagne could be your ticket to an exceptionally romantic encounter.

Gift Baskets

While pre-packaged, manufactured Valentine's Day gift baskets are plentiful in February, a carefully assembled gift basket can show your girlfriend or boyfriend how much you care. Instead of buying a bath and body gift basket from a department store, buy her lotions and perfume sprays in her favorite scents and combine them in a DIY gift basket yourself. Give him a small bucket with golf balls, tees, and an instructional video instead of generic chocolates. Small touches can make a big difference.

Embroidered Robe

Whether it be satiny and romantic or cotton and comfortable, robes make a nice intimate gift for a lover. Pick a robe in a traditional Valentine's Day color like black or red. Have his nickname or her first name embroidered on the pocket or left breast area. For fun, buy a matching pair, one for you and one for your sweetheart. Make your gift choice more Valentine specific by selecting a robe made from satiny material that features a heart motif.

Box Full of Love

Box filled with Valentine love notes

Cut out strips of paper, and write a Valentine's message on each one. You can write love quotes, reasons why you love the person, short poems, and other romantic thoughts. Fold the slips of paper and place them in a small, decorative box.

Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames look great hung on a wall or displayed on any tabletop. Load the digital unit with pictures of the two of you. Photos from recent vacations, special dates or events will make this creative gift that much more impressive. Include the USB cable and instructions with the frame so your loved one can add more digital photographs to the unit.

Kama Sutra Kit

Place a fun focus on your romantic interludes with a Kama Sutra kit. Buy a preassembled box kit or make your own kit with a combination of body dust, feather ticklers and massage oil. Satin blindfolds and fuzzy handcuffs would also make playful items to include in your Kama Sutra gift.

Picnic for Two Backpack

Picnic for two backpack

Surprise your partner with a loaded picnic backpack. This handy pack contains silverware, dishes, napkins and even a small blanket. Have the picnic backpack embroidered with your love's initials. For a creative surprise, load the backpack with goodies like favorite foods appropriate for a romantic picnic menu and take a trip to the park. This gift is one your partner will appreciates for years to come. Romantic and practical, this gift is truly creative.

Sweet Dreams Pillow

Select your favorite photo of the two of you or create a collage of pictures from throughout your relationship. Use iron-on transfer sheets to print digital versions of these images. Iron the photo on a pillowcase, and write a romantic message with fabric paint or markers.

Wish Upon a Star

If your lover is a stargazer, she will love receiving a star for Valentine's Day. Order a star kit from a reputable star company. Included in the kit are directions for finding the star and a certificate to redeem for naming the special Valentine's Day star. You will truly be able to say you gave your lover the stars.

Put Some Thought into Your Gift

Before you make or purchase anything, take the time to think about what your partner likes. It's all too easy to wind up selecting something you like and giving that as your gift. Make sure your gift really suits your sweetheart, and it's sure to be appreciated.

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10 Original Valentine's Day Gift Ideas