Choosing the Perfect Nickname for Your Lover

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As you become closer as a couple, it's typical to develop cute nicknames for your lover. Nicknames are a sweet way to show your affection for one another.

Nicknames for Your Lover

There are some common nicknames that couples use. Many of these names can be taken and blended or mixed together to create unique nicknames. A nickname can also be a made up silly word. Cute nicknames for boyfriends or girlfriends are an intimate way to show each other how much you love one another.

For Girls

Giving your girlfriend a cute nickname is a great way to show her that you care about her and aren't afraid to be romantic. Call her something that feels natural to you and fits her unique personality. There are several names to call your girlfriend, so go ahead and try a few out.

  • Angel
  • Gorgeous
  • Darling
  • Muffin
  • Princess
  • Lovebug
  • Sweets
  • Bella
  • Cookie
  • Babe-a-licious
  • Queen
  • Goddess
  • Perfection

For Guys

Pick a name to call your boyfriend that you know he'll love. Go with your gut and call him something that will make him smile.

  • Cowboy
  • Handsome
  • Hunk
  • Tiger
  • Cuddle Bear
  • Teddy Bear
  • Stud
  • Sugar Daddy
  • King
  • Hottie
  • Hot-stuff
  • Sugar

For Either

Gender neutral nicknames work for either partner in a relationship. Find something you know your partner will adore being called.

  • Baby
  • Honey
  • Babe
  • Sweetie
  • Hot Lips
  • Sugar Lips
  • Amore
  • Lover
  • Baby-love
  • Boo
  • Lovey
  • Soulmate
  • Cutie-patootie

The Origin of Nicknames

Most nicknames develop naturally over time as you get to know someone. They tend to come from the intimate moments shared together, often as inside jokes or terms of endearment. A nickname is often a symbol of an emotional bond between partners.

How Nicknames Usually Work

Your lover will use your nickname in place of your real name, as a way to address you or get your attention. Most nicknames develop naturally as your relationship progresses, but not everyone has them. Some couples just prefer to use their real names, while others enjoy having sweet names for each other.

Also, anyone can have a nickname, from kids to pets to friends. Sometimes a nickname can stay with a person his/her entire life. With a lover, it depends on the person, your relationship stage, if you're just casually dating or if you're moving from friendship to couple.

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A Sign of Acceptance

While everyone has a name, a nickname is a special thing that is often just between two people. Your lover is likely the only one who calls you by your sweet nickname. Sometimes nicknames start as a way to say "I love you." They might be just one word and then morph into others, but what a nickname really represents is a token of acceptance and appreciation from the other person. It lets you know you are special.

Use Your Nickname With Care

While having a nickname with a lover shows you are closely bonded together, you shouldn't use the nickname too much in public. Other people, like friends and family, might find it maddening to listen to the cute nicknames back and forth all the time. Employers or teachers will especially not appreciate knowing your secret nickname and it could result in a lot of embarrassment. So keep your nicknames special by saving them for when you are alone or simply using them with care in public. Some great times to use nicknames include:

  • Text messages and email
  • Writing love letters
  • In the bedroom
  • During a heart-to-heart conversation
  • After an argument when you're making up
  • After you say, "I love you." (i.e., "I love you, baby.")

Test It Out

When it comes to finding nicknames for your lover, the options are endless. If you're looking for even more nicknames, check out 60 romantic nicknames for your sweetheart. Find an endearing name that really fits your lover's personality and test it out to see how he or she responds. If you get the green light, you might have just created a nickname that sticks.

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