Tips to Get the New Guy in School to Notice You

New Guy at School

Is there a new guy in school that has caught your eye and heart? Let our dating coach help you get noticed! Get advice on how to showcase your special qualities so that new guy will notice you and why a friendship connection can be important.

Catch the Attention of the New Guy in School

Reader Question

Hi, So there's this one guy at my school who I like, and he's mentioned two or three other girls he likes, all out of his league; but I don't think he likes me. He's new to CA so I don't think he knows how us Californians do stuff around here. Is there anything I can do so he might notice me more? Oh and when I didn't know him, I noticed him staring in my general direction, but now that were friends and all it's different... ~~ Maddie

Expert Reply

Dear Maddie,

One of the drawbacks to being the new guy in school is not many people who are willing to step up and tell you what you need to know so you don't make mistakes and look like a fool. This is just the opportunity you need to get the new guy to see how wonderful you are! Before you get started being the "tour guide" of California, let me give you a few hints about boys.

Out of his League?

First, boys will always notice and imagine themselves with girls that are out of their league. And while a boy is aware that the girl may be out of his league, he will nevertheless not want another girl pointing this out to him. However, just because he is interested in a girl that is out of his league, doesn't mean that he wouldn't be interested in a girl who is interested in him, especially if she is fun to be with. The second thing you should know is that guys don't always know when a girl is interested in him. This means just because you are becoming friends with the new guy, doesn't mean he doesn't like you or wouldn't be interested in you, it just means you haven't registered on his radar yet.

The third thing you should know is that boys first judge a girl by how she looks. As they get older, boys begin to realize that there is more to a girl than how she looks and they will start paying more attention to what it is like to be with her.

Get Noticed

Now, how do you get the new guy to notice you in that "more than a friend way?" To get noticed, you'll have to stand out from the rest of the girls. To do this, think about what qualities make you unique. Are you friendly, someone others turn to for support? Do you have a talent or sport that you are good at? Are people drawn to you because of your humor and good nature? Use this quality to connect with the new guy.

Become Friends

One definite connection you can use is your friendship with him to spend more time together. Find out what kinds of things he enjoyed doing where he used to live. Where did he go to hang out? What places did he go to eat? What interests or hobbies did he do back home? All of these areas will give you information about what he might miss from where he used to live. Knowing this information, you can help him by showing him places that are similar in your area of town, or you can take him to new places where other kids hang out. Another thing you can do is organize groups to go to these places and invite him to join you. Offer to pick him up and take him to the places where Californians hang out. Since your organizing the get togethers you can choose who should go in the group.

As the two of you do more things together that you both enjoy doing, he will see how much fun it is to be with you and you may just change his mind from "just friends," to "more than" just friends.


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Tips to Get the New Guy in School to Notice You