Advice and Ideas for Creating a Memorable Date

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Want to give your sweetie the most memorable date of her or his life? Check out this advice from our dating coach.

Most Memorable Date Ideas

Reader Question

I'm a college student. I'm really in love with my classmate and it's my first time to do this dating stuff. For quite a long time I haven't been in a very happy situation like this one. She seems to be interested in me, but I'm the kind who's not that very vocal when it comes to women. I'm asking for tips on how to really make her feel happy when I'm with her. She has been my classmate for about three years already and she has always been my type of girl. She is leaving to go out of the country in four months. Can you help me with some tips on how to really give her a great time? I mean a great time where she will always remember but no sex or anything too physical. Just a great time we will enjoy and remember.-- Contributed by: Joshua

Expert Reply

Dear Joshua,

I can count on one hand the number of great dates I have been on. They all had three things in common. I laughed a lot. I did things that were unexpected but fun and the guy I was with treated me like I was the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Ask any woman to tell you about her best dates and it is likely she will describe what I have written.

A great date is when two people are enjoying an activity together; have fun and lively conversations and are treated respectfully. What makes a date stand out above the rest is when people do something that makes the date novel. Sharing new and unique experiences with your classmate is a way for her to remember you fondly even after she leaves the country.

When it comes to the date, it helps if you know what would be of interest or fun for your classmate. Doing a little fact finding before you plan will ensure she has a good time. Ask her a few open ended questions such as "If money were no object where would you go on vacation?" "What sport have you always wanted to learn, but haven't?" Or, "What talent do you have that know one knows?" The information she provides will help you to plan a novel and memorable date.

Creating a great date doesn't take a lot of money, but it does take planning and knowing what the city you live in or near has available. To find out her vacation idea you could take her to the travel section of a local bookstore or library. Take her to the travel section and let her 'show' you the place she is interested in from the books on the shelves. Once you have this information, you can plan a date that simulates the vacation. Think climate, activities and the food of that region.

Since your classmate will be traveling in a few months, bring along a camera and take photos. Before she leaves for her trip, give her a photo album of your adventures she can take with her.


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Advice and Ideas for Creating a Memorable Date