How to Connect Using Massage Techniques

Man receiving back massage

Learning to use massage techniques on your partner is a great way to connect, refresh and relax together. Massage techniques can be used as part of an evening of romance or simply as a way to make your partner's body feel better. It's thoughtful to give impromptu massages, but take the time to give a full massage as well. When giving a massage, remember to set the mood, make your partner comfortable, use massage oil and try different techniques.

Setting the Mood

A great massage is more than just proper massage techniques. Try to establish the mood before the massage even starts, to maximize the relaxation that you and your partner will experience. Here are some suggestions to help get you started:

  • Take a bath or shower first. This will loosen your muscles, and a clean body makes the whole experience more pleasant.
  • Prepare the massage area ahead of time. If using a bed, make the bed or at least pull all the sheets up. Bring out your extra pillows and arrange them for a comfortable massage.
  • Light candles. Use enough so that you can see what you are doing. Burning candles that give off a seductive scent are especially good. If you don't have candles, use a light that dims to create a romantic mood.
  • Play soft music in the background. It helps with relaxation, and by triggering your hearing sense, you create a full body experience.
  • Turn up the heat in the wintertime. This allows the receiver to remain comfortable while being massaged.
  • Turn off your cell phone and lock the door. This is a special time for you and your lover to connect. Don't let distractions interrupt you.

Beginning the Massage

Have the receiver lie down on a bed with his head over the edge as much as comfort will allow. Use pillows to help achieve this position. If he has to turn his head to one side, he will soon tire, and the massager will be unable to access his entire neck.

  • Decide how little clothing the receiver is comfortable wearing before beginning. You don't want to stop the massage halfway through in order to make a clothing change.
  • Apply massage oil or cream to your partner. This will allow your hands to glide more easily over your lover's body.

Massage Techniques

  • Keep in constant contact with your partner. Make sure your movements are similar each time, so that he or she can anticipate what you will do next. When changing to a different part of the body, slowly introduce the new area by extending the range of your massage. Then move entirely to the new area, so your lover can fully experience the new sensations.
  • A great place to begin the massage is on your partner's back. Use a long stroke that begins at the neck and go down to the lower back. Run your hands next to the spine but not directly on it.
  • For the side of the neck and top of the shoulders, use a fist instead of an open hand.
  • On your lover's buttocks, try using your elbow to achieve a deeper penetration of the muscles.

Hand Movements

  • Use a circular movement to cause minor stretching of the soft tissue. This soothe to your partner.
  • Stretch your lover's skin with your hands. Start with your hands together, and then move them apart, gently stretching the skin below as your hands separate.
  • Shape your hand and fingers into a rake or claw-like position and act like you are raking leaves off of your partner's body. Do this after using the deeper strokes to activate the nerve endings that are close to the skin.
  • Use your hand like a feather and lightly glide your fingers across his or her body. This may cause shivers down the spine.

The Perfect Massage

A massage is one of the most sensuous gifts you can give a lover. Give each other this gift using the massage techniques mentioned to maintain a healthy relationship and body.

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