How to Create a Loving Relationship

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Love relationships are easier to find than they are to hang on to but if you find one worth keeping you've found a rare jewel! Loving, caring relationships satisfy the mind, body and soul.

Love Relationships

Some chemical reactions make it possible for us to find love attractions, but once the initial attraction is set into motion, how can we parlay that magnetism into love relationships? Mere chemistry isn't enough to bond two people together for a lifetime. Lasting love relationships require something far more tangible.There are stages of a healthy relationship.


Respect is a crucial part of any love relationship. If your partner isn't someone you can admire for his/her values, morals, and conduct, how can you truly say you are in love? Respect must also be a two-way street. It's very hard to feel loved and give real love in return if your partner is disrespectful towards you and your self-esteem is under siege.


A lack of honesty can be a real deal breaker for love relationships. If one partner can't count on the other to be truthful about his feelings, words, actions, or whereabouts, respect dies and love soon follows. Honesty, couched in sensitivity, is necessary for any relationship to remain healthy.

Opening Yourself

Opening yourself to a relationship so fully that you actually lose your mind is a dangerous, scary and exhilarating thing. It can be wonderful. But passion isn't enough. There comes a time when that bright passion that carried you along fades a little. Sometimes it just vanishes. Where are you then? If all that your relationship consisted of was big passionate moments, you might start to feel differently once that level of passion wears off. Passion doesn't have to be about big moments, like making love on a joyride. Passion can simply come when you give your signification other a backrub when they're tired without being asked.


Love relationships sometimes require putting your partner's needs before your own, especially when it's not easy to do so. Simple consideration for your partner's feelings and a little compromise now and then can go a long way toward keeping love intact.

Learn the Love Languages

Communication is another one of the key elements of a successful relationship. You not only need to express yourself honestly and respectfully; you have to be able to really listen to what your partner is saying to you too. When you begin to tune each other out, trouble isn't far behind.

According to The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, there are five main love languages you must learn. Each person speaks one or more of these specific languages. They are important to maintaining a loving relationship. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Words of Affirmation: Kind words spoken to your partner. Verbal encouragement is a necessary language.
  2. Quality Time: Turn off the cell phone and nurture your relationship with some special time together.
  3. Receiving Gifts: It's the thoughtfulness of the gift that makes receiving the gift special. Give her a trinket or token of your affection.
  4. Acts of Service: Put on an apron and pitch in in the kitchen. Serve her and nurture your loving relationship.
  5. Physical Touch: There are times when the person you love "needs" you to touch them.


Love is a gift that requires a great deal of care and nurturing in order to thrive. If you're lucky enough to be in a love relationship, don't take it for granted.

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How to Create a Loving Relationship