4 Free Love Coupons for Valentine's Day

Love Coupons for Valentines Day

Creating love coupons for Valentine's Day is a sweet and more personal way to celebrate the romantic holiday. Cards, flowers, chocolates, even jewelry are often considered the de facto presents that need to be given, but romance is more truly expressed through the gift of time and attention - and usually, love coupons give both. Especially in lean financial times, when diamonds and a weekend at a resort aren't feasible, love coupons can be a sort of romantic IOU, spreading the feeling of love and devotion long past February 14.

Printable Love Coupons

If you need help downloading the coupons, check out these helpful tips.

Types of Love Coupons for Valentines Day

Generally love coupons fall into three categories, which could be called "Romantic," "Pampering," and "Sexy." One key thing to remember is that word in the first sentence of this article: CREATE. There are lots of places online to print out "standard" love coupons (and some will be listed later) but they will mean much more if you spend some time really considering what your partner will really want, and giving it to them. Here are some outlines and examples to get your creative juices flowing:


Romantic love coupons are coupons that are meant to be enjoyed by both partners, with the goal of increasing the intimacy and connection between the two. They should be designed for both people to be active, not just one giving to the other.

  • Candlelight Dinner
  • Evening Out Dancing
  • Champagne by firelight

It's important to think about what is actually romantic in your relationship - for some, hot dogs at a Cubs game is a fantastic shared experience, or cooking a meal together and watching a bad comedy. Don't try and change your relationship to fit the stereotypical romantic truisms; make the holiday fit the both of you.


Pampering love coupons for Valentines Day are more one-sided, and even more personal. This is where you get to think about what it is that your partner might want (in terms of attention) but not get. Do they work on their feet all day? Give them a "Free 15 minute foot rub" coupon. Do they like to sleep in? "Breakfast in bed" might be a special treat.

This is the kind of coupon where it's not meant to be for both - though certainly the giver can find joy in the glee of their partner. But this is the kind of coupon where you let them pick the movie, and sit through it uncomplaining, or where you are taking them to the video arcade and playing $20 worth of Ms. Pac-Man. It's providing a luxury to your partner.

Sexy Love Coupons

This is the most personal kind of love coupon of all, and therefore the most important to get right. Think about the relationship between the two of you, and the various private and intimate ways you can show your devotion. They don't need to be explicit on the coupon ("Ten minutes kissing that special spot" is plenty suggestive) but since they are meant just for the eyes of your partner, expressing an open and honest feeling of desire is a great feeling for all involved. As with the other two categories, do not get sucked into the pre-made ideas of what is or isn't sexy - that's an entirely subjective thing. Just like a kiss, make the coupon specifically for them.

What NOT to Put in Love Coupons

Aside from not falling into stereotypical greeting-card ideas of what Valentines day should be, remember that these coupons are presents - and therefore should not be things that you are supposed to be doing already. A card that says "I will listen to you for 15 minutes" implies that you aren't listening the rest of the time; likewise, a coupon that says "1 free taking care of the baby" implies that parents aren't partners, equally responsible for a baby. On the other hand, a coupon that said "One free skip of your turn to change the diaper" might be incredibly sweet and welcoming pampering coupon (no pun intended).

Valentine Clipart

You can find a wide variety of both pre-made and blank love coupons on the web, ready to print out on card stock, wrap in pretty ribbon, and send out on that special day:

4 Free Love Coupons for Valentine's Day