How to Tell If She's Sending Flirting Signals

Many women flirt with their eyes

Is she sending flirting signals or telling you to take a hike? Women are master communicators, but it can be a challenge for men to read flirting signals if they don't know the basics. When it comes to flirting, women can be unpredictable, so it helps to know what signs to notice.

Is She Sending Flirting Signals?

Many guys don't realize that women do many of the same things as them when it comes to flirting. Women do things such as make obvious eye contact and show signs of being nervous, but where things seem to differ is that women are more emotional and tend to read more into things than men. Whereas a man might be able to flirt with many women while keeping his cool, women are more obvious when they are interested. Here are some of the top signals on how to tell if a woman is interested:

  • Laughter: It's a good sign if you're telling jokes and she is enjoying herself. You will notice her laughing and also see a smile in her eyes.
  • Playfulness: She might touch you playfully or try to evoke a sense of fun into the conversation so that you'll want to stay longer and talk more.
  • Proximity: She will allow you to remain close to her if she is flirting and you might even notice her friends step aside. She will also make excuses to come near you or will sit next to you.
  • Eye Contact: If she likes you, she'll look at you and she won't look away, especially when you are in the middle of a conversation. If she sees you from across the room, she will look at you and quickly look away a few times.
  • Mirroring: Notice if she is mimicking your body language or if you touch her and she touches you back.
  • Twirling Hair: She might touch her hair or twirl it around her finger as a subtle clue she is flirting.
  • Texting: If a woman is interested she might send you text messages as a flirting tactic and to get you thinking about her.

Signs She Is Not Flirting

Just as it's importing to know the answer to is she sending flirting signals, it's also important to know when to back off. If a woman gets turned off too quickly you might completely lose your chance.

  • She looks bored even though you're energized: Just because you think you are having a good time doesn't mean she feels the same way. Watch for clues or ask her how she is doing and gauge her response. Also, a quiet moment isn't necessarily a bad thing. It helps to notice if she's mirroring your energy levels or holding back.
  • She looks around the room a lot when you're talking: This might be her best way of telling you she wants out of the conversation and is not interested.
  • She keeps moving further away from you: While she might just be shy, if she suspects your interest and is moving away, rather than leaning closer, this tells you she isn't flirting.
  • She doesn't reciprocate the flirting: If you are putting the moves on a woman and she is deflecting your advances by not flirting in return, or if she looks like she is ready to get up and leave, she is probably not flirting.
  • She tells you she isn't interested: This is an obvious signal, so if you hear it, respect her wishes. Interestingly, women are more likely to think about you if they suddenly realize you have lost all interest, so giving up might actually get her back.

Become a Flirt

Like any social skill, flirting takes practice, but once you've done it enough times you'll be able to tell if a woman is flirting in return. Keeping it on a light, fun, and no expectations level will help you become a flirting expert in no time. For more tips on whether flirting is working, learn the signs someone is attracted to you.

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How to Tell If She's Sending Flirting Signals