10 Ways to Romance Your Wife

Write Her a Love Letter


If you're wondering how to romance your wife, you've already taking the first step: thinking about it. The next step is action. Start by writing her a love letter. It can be short or long, sweet or silly.

Buy Her Flowers


A lot of women love getting flowers. Just make sure to get a kind she likes and that she is not allergic to.

Take Her on a Romantic Picnic


Plan a picnic just for the two of you. Bring a book of poetry that you can read together, but add in one or two special quotes for your wife that say I love you.

Take Her Out to Dinner


It doesn't matter if it's a fancy five star restaurant or the local pizza parlor. Better yet, cook her dinner yourself.

Take Her Dancing


Gaze into her eyes as you dance and whisper how much you love her in her ear as you hold her close.

Plan an Adventure


How to romance your wife could be to plan an adventure together, such as a scuba diving trip. Learning new things can help tighten your bond.

Watch the Sunset


It could also be as simple as watching a sunset. Seeing the calm, natural beauty together can get her in a sentimental, romantic mood.

Stroll on the Beach


Walking on the beach provides a calm, romantic setting and gives you and your wife the chance to have an intimate talk.

Give Her Your Full Attention


Women love it when you lend an ear. Listening to her is one of the most romantic things you can do.

Show Her Affection


Give her lots of hugs and kisses!

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Say sweet things.

Make her a romantic gift.

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10 Ways to Romance Your Wife