How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

Make your guy fall in love
Sweet things to say to make him melt.

You like him, a lot and you want him to like you, too. However, taking the initiative and getting your crush to notice you much less fall in love with you takes patience, honesty, and respect. LoveToKnow chatted with Jacqueline Nichols of Intuitive Matchmaking LLC, a professional matchmaking agency about how to make a guy fall in love and she said, "There is a lot of power people have with a healthy dynamic. There is a lot to do that can show others why it would be good to fall in love with you. You need to be proactive."

Catch the Guy

Liking someone doesn't always mean they will return that affection. Every relationship starts somewhere, so letting the object of your affection know you care through your actions, attitude, and words can help jumpstart the relationship you desire.

Smile, Flirt, and Make Yourself Available

This may sound simplistic, but your attitude is one of the first things that people notice about you. Smile, be positive and cheerful. You don't have to just grin at the guy you like, but smiling frequently and laughing gives you an air of approachability.

"You cannot force someone to fall in love with you, but there are ways to entice them," said Nichols. "If a guy walks up to a group of women, he's going to focus on the one who follows through."

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is huge. Guys need that. Nichols emphasized that when women want to be noticed, they have to be proactive and let men know they are available.

"When I asked guys they said eye contact was very important. It lets them know it's okay to approach and strike up a conversation. The smile and laughter is important, they like bubbly women. They like lighthearted and fun. You need to stand out-guys want to be with a woman that other men are interested in."

Project Your Confidence and Availability

Walk with your head up, shoulders back, and a little bit of a sway. In a way that says confident and secure. "Guys are always looking for who notices them and keeps eye contact," said Nichols. How a woman reacts to those glances and how she carries herself tells them a lot.

Be Physical

Men like physical contact - such as touching the arm. Men are physical; they roughhouse, shake hands and slap each other on the shoulder. They need that physical contact. This helps start the progress to get a man interested in a woman.

According to Nichols, who has interviewed single men and women looking for the right match, men know a woman is enjoying herself when she communicates it physically. "When a woman is talking to a man, a light touch on his arm tells him she is listening and she is receptive to him."

Laugh and Be Someone They Want to Be Around

Nichols emphasized that men want a woman other men want and they want someone who is fun to be around. "They want to hear you laugh, that you are exuberant - even if it doesn't go anywhere it will be a positive time with you."

Guys like to laugh and smile as much as you do, and they are far more likely to want share your laughter and give you a reason to smile. If you're shy and you struggle with the jokes and the pithy remarks, focus on the people you're talking to and let their amusement buoy yours. If he sees you and makes eye contact, let a slow smile cross your face-in this case body language works wonders.

Keep the Guy

Once you have a guy's attention, you want to keep it. Nichols recommends that you go out for at least three dates, to get to know the person through natural progression. Don't quit too soon.

Be Responsive

Women are confused about the difference between pushing and being elusive. The thing is the guy wants you to be interested. Don't give them a lot of mixed messages as being needy or desperate. Focusing on be responsive and let them know even if you're missing them that you were thinking of them, simple but not needy.

Nichols points out that feigning being busy all the time isn't a good plan. "It can backfire because a guy can think she won't have time to have the relationship. Most men will not ask you to drop things for them even if they want to-you want to sound like you enjoy life, but you want to sound open availability. Men want to know if you're free or interested. Society has conditioned men to give up if women are playing too many games. They're not complicated thinkers, do you want to go out or not?"

Do Things Together

Men want a woman who will be there and they're going fall head over heels for the woman who wants him there.

  • Be engaging and open to learning
  • Listen to what he likes to do
  • Involve yourself

"Get involved with what he likes, whether you're into it or not. Learn a little bit or sit there and read. Men just want time and it's not always about what they are doing. It doesn't have to be exciting, it just has to be time," said Nichols.

Plan Together

Falling in love means you need to know each other, work together, and be compatible. So take every opportunity to plan together whether it's chatting on the phone about the weekend or just sitting in the same room while doing different things. Take the pressure off of him to provide you with romantic dates and plan what you do together.

  • Spend time talking and hanging out together
  • Don't rely on social media to get to know each other
  • Let him know you care about his day
  • Listen to his stories
  • Share laughter and fun
  • Keep a Positive Attitude

Constant complaining puts negative toxins in the air and it's not attractive. Take a step back and listen to what you're saying. A guy wants positive, light, and upbeat.

Keep the Love

After three dates, you'll both know if you're still interested. Cultivating the relationship, building on this foundation can help you both fall in love. Remember, when you make yourself valuable, they stop looking and then it's about taking care of the relationship you've built.

How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You