How to Make a Good First Impression

How to Make a Good First Impression

Do you know how to make a good first impression? Even though it's not always fair, many people will judge you based on those first few minutes, sometimes seconds. Paying attention to your hygiene, appearance and body language can really make an impact. Astound them with your conversation skills even if you are online.

How to Make a Good First Impression: Appearance

Your appearance is one of the first things your date will notice about you. What you should wear depends on the season, the location of your date, and what you feel most comfortable in. Start by selecting weather-appropriate clothing. You may look great in a sleeveless shirt, but you'll be too cold wearing that in the wintertime. Next, find out ahead of time where you are going on your date. You don't want to over-dress for a casual evening, nor do you want to under-dress for a more formal date. Finally, wear something that makes you feel good. You'll be nervous enough on your date; don't add to your stress with poor clothes selection.

Appearance Beyond Apparel

How you look depends on proper hygiene as well. Make sure your hair looks groomed. Consider getting a haircut if you haven't had one in a while. Don't change your hair style, however. Women can wear makeup, but don't put on too much. The same applies for perfume and cologne.

Talking to Your Date

After clothing and hygiene, the next thing your date will notice about you is your voice. This includes your word choices, rate of speech and tone of voice. For many people, this is the most difficult part of the first date.

If you have ever interviewed for a job, use some of the same techniques on your first date. Be alert, show enthusiasm for your date and the activity you are sharing, be positive and come prepared with some questions. In a good date the conversation will flow naturally, but you may need to get the conversation going with some preplanned questions or comments. It's far better to plan ahead than to be sitting in silence.

Body Language is Important Also

Non-verbal communication can sometimes be just as important as your verbal communication. Maintain good posture and make lots of eye contact. Monitor what you do with your arms. If you keep them folded across your body; it gives the impression that you are closed to the other person. While subtle, it could have your date thinking you aren't enjoying yourself.

First Impressions Online

As more people meet online, it's important to make a good impression there as well. You'll never make it to that first date if you don't win him or her over online first.

Your dating profile is the first place to start. Make sure you have a good photo posted and take the time to write an engaging profile. When communicating, try to be consistent with your rate of communication. If you start off rapidly communicating back and forth and then you abruptly stop, the other person may think you have lost interest.

Before sending an e-mail, check it for grammar and spelling errors. It doesn't need to be as perfect as your English term papers, but it shouldn't be error-ridden, either. Take the time to really answer any questions the person has for you. It doesn't need to be novel-length. A paragraph or two is usually enough. Also think of a question for your potential date to answer. By asking a question, you also pass the responsibility of communication back and forth.

Be Yourself

How to make a good first impression sometimes seems like you need to mask whom you really are; but this is not true. Above all, you need to be yourself. What you are doing is presenting the best version of yourself.

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How to Make a Good First Impression