6 Simple Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

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Get the most out of your relationship by learning how to make your boyfriend happy.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

Make your guy happy by meeting his emotional needs. Give him high doses of respect and admiration during your exchanges with him. Satisfy these needs on a daily basis for optimum boyfriend happiness.

Celebrate Him

Make your boyfriend happy by getting to know him, and celebrating him. Find out what makes your boyfriend unique. Celebrate that uniqueness by giving him positive affirmation and verbal applause. On his birthday or when he gets a promotion or achieves a personal victory, you should be there to applaud him and tell him how proud you are of him.

Active Listening

Listen to him when he needs to vent about his bad day. To be an active listener, turn off your cell phone, the television or step away from anything that may draw your attention away from him. Listen to him without giving advice unless he asks for it. Make your boyfriend happy by becoming his confidante, his sounding wall. Keep his confidences to yourself and resist the urge to share his secrets.


Participate in his life by being supportive through your attendance. If he asks you to walk through Comic-Con with him, do not bow out at the last minute or refuse him. Go with him and participate in the things that are important to him.

Be Independent

No boyfriend wants a clingy girlfriend. Display your independence by doing things on your own sometimes. This attitude helps you too. Support yourself and keep in touch with your friends. It is not healthy to abandon your independence for your boyfriend, nor would any good boyfriend want you to do that. Resist the urge to be with him every moment of the day.

Guy Time

For some girlfriends, the real proof of your love is trust. Encourage your boyfriend to have some guy time with friends. Guy time could mean a night out for drinks or a bike-riding weekend with his best friends. Avoid pushing your presence on your boyfriend or becoming jealous. Give him space to think and just hang out; this will make him happy and develop a deeper relationship.

Gifts of Love

Some guys really go for gifts, and receiving some will make your boyfriend happy. Surprise your boyfriend with gifts given as tokens of love every few of weeks. Avoid picking ultra expensive gifts that might send the wrong message and make him feel obligated to you. Instead, go for small gifts that are classy or personalized in some way. Here is a list of gift suggestions you can use when selecting your tokens of love.

  • Sports Tickets - If your boyfriend likes sports, and chances are that he does, sports tickets make the perfect gift. Buy a pair of tickets to a local baseball or football game. A pair of tickets to see his high school football team play is always a winner.
  • Sexy Pajamas - Make your guy happy with a set of sexy pajamas for you and a pair for him. For him, black silk pajama pants and a matching short robe is nice. For you, buy some lingerie in his favorite color.
  • Food Gifts - Snack baskets made of salty snacks like pretzels, nuts and popcorn are terrific gifts for guys to enjoy. Surprise him with a box of chocolates if he has a sweet tooth. If you like to cook and are good at it, bake him a casserole or cake. Meaty dishes like lasagna make nice meals he can eat on for several days.

Practical ideas and small gifts are the key to his heart. Learn how to make your boyfriend happy with these sensible, yet romantic ideas.

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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Happy