Learn How to Kiss Step-by-Step Photo Gallery

Sensing the Right Moment


When you're getting ready for that magical moment, you'll need to feel out the vibe. Do you sense that the person you are about to kiss wants to be kissed? If so, then start positioning yourself.

Positioning Yourself for the Kiss


Start by taking her hands in yours. Then look deep into her eyes. This will naturally make you want to lean in and tilt your head. Maintain eye contact for an intense experience.

Tilting Your Head


As you lean in, tilt your head slowly in the opposite direction of the way she is tilting her head. Usually, if you are right handed, you'll be more inclined to tilt your head to the right, and if you are left handed, you'll tilt to the left and so will your kissing partner - that way it works out perfectly. If it doesn't work out that way for some reason, that's okay, you'll have a quick chuckle and switch positions quickly.

Pucker Up


Practice in front of a mirror before you get to that magic moment because this will be the key to your kiss. You don't want to be too tight with your pucker, but you don't want to be too loose either. Just keep it nice and natural.

The Magic of Your Lips Meeting


Once you are perfectly aligned with the object of your affection, you'll continue to lean in until your lips meet hers. Your eyes will either automatically close, or you'll have to remind yourself to close them.

And the Kiss...


Once your lips are together, do what you've always done on other people's cheeks, pillows or whatever else you've practiced on...kiss. Kiss your partner's lips softly and slowly. Then tilt your head to the other side and meet your partner's lips again to do the same.

Improving Your Kissing Technique


You now have the basics of how to kiss. If you're looking for tips on how to kiss passionately, check out this slideshow:

Passionate Ways to Kiss

Learn How to Kiss Step-by-Step Photo Gallery